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What is the Thunderboard?

The Thunderboard serves as the primary governance and decision-making body for campus-based instructional programming at Travis Heights Elementary In-District Charter School. Teachers, parents, community members, and representatives from collaborating institutions (Education Austin and Austin Interfaith) are partners in creating shared accountability and a culture of high expectations. Student performance will be measured pursuant to state assessments that are required of other schools. This community governance structure assumes that the responsibility for education lies in shared accountability to ensure equity and excellence for all children regardless of economic status or ethnicity.

We see as our goal that all children will graduate ready for secondary school as well as the continuing education of their choice. We will create purposeful, systematic mechanisms to engage in relationships with each other as we plan, co-design and monitor the future of our children. While the Principal is the instructional leader, the board joins the Principal in being responsible for the campus academic goals. In addition, the board will work with leadership teams to create the budget, communication, and monitoring systems.

The THES Thunderboard is composed of 5 teachers (one from PreK-2, one from 3-5, one from dual language, one from art, music or PE, and one from special populations), 5 parents representing the student demographics, 2 community members and the Principal. Each partnering organization will also have a representative. At the end of the first year, half of the board will leave, be replaced by new members, and the remaining members will stay through a 2nd year. In subsequent years, all members will serve a two-year term. Members will report back to their constituents. All board communications will be distributed in Spanish and English both online and in hard copy in keeping with school transparency policies. Robert’s Rules of Order will govern the meetings. Progress monitoring meetings will be held biannually with AISD leadership. Our contract with the district will be reviewed bi-annually.

Thunderboard meetings are open to our school community.

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All meetings are open to the public monthly and are held on the first Thursday each month from 4-5:30PM. Meetings are in the library unless otherwise noted.  To read the minutes, click to the right of the dates.

September 1, 2016   English|Spanish
October 6, 2016  English|Spanish
November 3, 2016  English|Spanish
December 1, 2016  English|Spanish
January 2017*
February 2017*
March 2, 2017  English|Spanish
April 6, 2017  English|Spanish
May 4, 2017  English|Spanish

*January’s meeting will be at the end of the month and will be with the Travis Vertical Team at Travis High School. Time/Date will be announced in advance.

*February’s meeting was held on Feb. 4th at our annual Thunderboard Retreat.


Kim-Marie O’Driscoll, Co-President/Parent
Tonya Penney, Co-President/Teacher
Lisa Robertson, Principal
Alex Garza , Special Education Teacher
Rosa Rostro, Classified Staff
Wes Paparone, Lower Grade Teacher/DL
Will Meyers, Upper Grade Teacher
Melissa Bowman, Parent
Beth Gerlach, Parent
Cesar Benavides, Parent
Mary Janecek-Friedman, Neighbor
Julie Ulrich, Parent/PTA Representative
Cathy Lippincott, Business Representative

2015-2016 Thunderboard Archive

2015-2016 Meeting Dates

All meetings are open to the public monthly and are held on the first Thursday each month from 4-5:30PM. Meetings are in the library unless otherwise noted.

September 9, 2015
October 1, 2015
November 5, 2015
December 3, 2015
January 7, 2016
February 4, 2016
March 3, 2016
April 7, 2016
May 5, 2016

*One month’s meeting will have a different date and will be with the Travis Vertical Team. Time/Date will be announced in advance.

2015-2016 Thunderboard Members

Kellie Marino, Co-President, 4th Grade Teacher
Kim-Marie O’Driscoll, Co-President, Parent
Annie Billups, DL Kinder Teacher
Melissa Bowman, Parent
Colin Clark, Parent
Alex Garza, SPED Teacher
Nicole Geiger, 2nd Grade Teacher
Karla Hernandez, Parent
Jane Isoline-Webb, Art Teacher
Mary Janecek-Friedman, Neighbor
Cathy Lippincott, Business Neighbor
Lisa Robertson, Principal
Susana Rodriguez, Parent Support Specialist
Rosa Rostro, Classified Staff
Dalia Shareef, Parent
Raymond Sinatra, Parent
Ken Zarifis, President, Education Austin
TBD, Austin Interfaith Representative

2014-2015 Thunderboard Archive

2014-2015 Meeting Dates

All meetings are 4-5:30PM in the library unless otherwise noted.

August 21, 2014 (3-5PM)
September 25, 2014
October 23, 2014
November 20, 2014
December 18, 2014
January 29, 2015
February 12, 2015
March 26, 2015
April 23, 2015
May 28, 2015

2014-2015 Thunderboard Members

Isadora Huerta-Luna, Parent
Camille Clark, Parent
Karla Hernandez, Parent
Melanie Greene, Parent
Colin Clark, Parent
Raymond Sinatra, President
Kellie Marino, 3rd Grade Teacher
Brittany King, Music Teacher
Mary Friedman, 5th Grade Teacher
Edith Rios, PK Dual Language Teacher
TBD , Special Education Teacher
Lisa Robertson, Principal
Carrie Wender, Assistant Principal
Rosa Rostro, Classified Staff
Betty Weed, Neighbor
TBD , Austin Interfaith Representative
Ken Zarifis, President, Education Austin

2013-2014 Thunderboard Archive

2013-2014 Thunderboard Members

Britt Adams, Special Education Teacher
Melissa Castro-Trigo, Parent
Camille Clark, Parent
Maria de Carmen (Carmen) Clavel, Parent
Lisa Etzel, 1st Grade Teacher
Melanie Greene, Parent
Julio Guerra, Parent Support Specialist
Brittany King, Music Teacher
Brandon Ligon, 4th Grade Teacher
Dina Mason, Assistant Principal
Meredith Reid, Austin Interfaith Representative
Edith Rios, PK Dual Language Teacher
Lisa Robertson, Principal
Blake Trabulsi, President
Betty Weed, Neighbor
Ken Zarifis, President

2013-2014 Meeting Dates

All meetings are 4-5:30PM in the library unless otherwise noted.

August 21, 2013: Agenda | Minutes
September 26, 2013: Agenda | Minutes
October 24, 2013: Agenda | Minutes
November 21, 2013: Agenda | Minutes
January 15, 2014 (3:30PM): Agenda | Minutes
February 13, 2014: Agenda | Minutes
March 27, 2014 (Britt Adams’ portable): Agenda | Minutes
April 24, 2014: Agenda | Minutes
May 22, 2014: Agenda | Minutes