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  • News in 5th Grade

    This is 5th Grade’s new page.  Check back here every month for news!  


🎃 October Newsletter 🎃

Content Areas Math – We are moving on from adding and subtracting fractions to multiplication and division. Students will be multiplying 2 digit by three digit numbers and dividing by two digit divisors. Science – We are finishing up on forms of energy and spending a couple of weeks on forces and motion. We will […]

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Aquarena Springs

March Newsletter

Math: We are reviewing TEKS taught during the year. Science: We are looking at Ecosystems in Science. The Science MOY will take place on March 27. After the results come in, we will modify instruction to meet student needs. Reading: Spiral Reviewing TEKS taught during the year. March is Women’s History Month and so students […]

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Art in 5th Grade

Art in 5th Grade

In 5th grade art, 5th grade is drawing, tracing, and then painting eyes. Most people are already painting theirs, but some people are a little behind. After you are done painting watercolors you use puff paint to make dots. The writing and photos from this post were taken by our Photojournalist Thalia Grace.

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January-February Newsletter

January – Beginnings of February *The recent MOY scores revealed opportunities for RETEACH. Therefore, we will be reteaching those areas where struggling was evident. Along with that, 5th grade will continue with the curriculum. Math: Coordinate grids and patterns in tables. Science: Fossil Fuels, Renewable and Nonrenewable energy and how to conserve energy. *An important note […]

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Fifth Grade Has Been Hard at Work!

Our fifth graders have been working hard, and it’s apparent from the work displayed in the hallways and classrooms of our school.  Here’s some of what they’ve been learning: Students in the DL classes in read the book Esperanza Rising.  Read what a 5th grade student wrote about it here:  Esperanza Rising. In language arts, […]

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December Newsletter

  Language Arts: PBL – students are working to create a student-led newspaper. They are taking on different roles and working to interview people for their reports. Science: Climate & Weather Math: PBL: Food Truck: Financial Literacy  

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November Newsletter

Middle School (Magnet) Presentations: At 8:00 AM on Thursday, November 16, 5th graders will sit and watch as 3 middle school representatives present their school and why the students should consider attending their school. Ann Richards, Fulmore, & Kealing Middle School.  Camp Champions: Parents: We had such a wonderful time at Camp Champions! Please click […]

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5th Grade Camp Champions Notice

Notifications for Camp Champions Field Trip Students: No phones or electronic devices. (To respect the privacy of every student, disposable cameras are also not allowed. Teachers will take pictures and post them for view at a later date.) On Wednesday, November 1, the first day we get there, students need to either bring a *sack* […]

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5th Grade October Newsletter

October Happenings: Math: Students are working on multiplying 3×2 digit numbers and dividing 2 digit divider by 4 digit dividend. Also, we are adding and subtracting fractions. Homework is every Monday and Wednesdays. Parents: Please work with your students at home on multiplication and addition facts. Science: Forms of energy are being studied. For example: […]

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Upcoming Events in April

Past Events: March 31: – 5th grade traveled to San Marcos to tour the Aquarena Springs Center. Included are a few photos of the trip.               Upcoming 5th Grade Events: April 5 – 5th grade will travel to Fulmore Middle School for a tour from 9am-11am. April 28 – […]

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