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Welcome to 2nd Grade!

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Field Trip!

We went to Urban Roots Farm. We sampled fresh veggies like onion and kale. We picked our own carrots and got to eat them after we washed them free of dirt. We learned about the work of bees. Our tour guide was impressed with our knowledge of plant needs and their life cycle!

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April News

Math – Currently, 2nd Graders are busy learning about 2- and 3-dimensional shapes and solids. They are naming them; triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons and octagons. They are learning the attributes of polygons and discerning non-examples using those attributes; closed, 2-dimensional shapes with only straight lines. Students are also learning to name shapes and solids by […]

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March Plans

Science: We have been learning about our earth’s resources and moving into March we will be learning about plants and animals. Students will be working in our gardens to grow flowers and vegetables. Math: After learning about fractions, or equal parts of a whole, students will begin exploring 2D and 3D shapes.

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Language Arts in 2nd

Reading: We are continuing our study of poetry. We are looking and listening for sensory details in a variety of texts. We are learning about similes, alliteration, and onomatopoeia. We are focusing on the rhythm of the poem and finding breaks. As we finish poetry, we will be moving into expository text. We will focus […]

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Science in January

Second grade is learning about rocks, how people use rocks, how they change and how fossils are made. We collected different types of rocks from around the school and then classified them by different properties such as weight, color, texture, shape and size. We also experimented with erosion and weathering using wind and water to […]

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Math in January

We’re all excited to be back. Golly, but the kids all seemed to have grown about 3 inches over the winter break! We hope all are well rested and refreshed. In Math for the month of January we are focusing on financial literacy. Our Essential Questions What are producers and consumers? How can we find […]

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News from Second Grade

Science – We have been learning about the sun, moon phases and the planets. Math – We have been creating our own word problems for classmates to solve. Health/Writing – Our big project right now is our Health PBL. We are learning about making websites, animations, and videos to share what we know about SEL […]

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Science in November

We have been learning about force, motion and engineers. We studied different objects that spin, roll and slide. Then we used the design process to build a car that could roll down a ramp and roll when we exhibited force. Now we are building on our knowledge by making mazes both for marbles and for […]

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Jumps of Ten to Subtract

Math in November

Over the next few weeks 2nd Grade mathematicians be adding up to four 2-digit numbers using various strategies, subtract 2-digit numbers using various strategies, and to close out the month, they will represent and solve addition and subtraction word problems with unknowns. Here are some examples of Dreambox Activities that support the skills:

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