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Math With Mefford By Coconutcrew and Puppypaw

Hello, we go to math with Ms. Mefford, and we study perimeter. We measure the sides and add all of the sides to find the  perimeter. To find the area, we get square centimeter cubes and line all of them up inside of the shape and then count them. How many cubes you have is […]

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One and Only Ivan

4th grade is reading the book One and Only Ivan. The book is about a gorilla that  lives in the zoo with his friends. Everyday we respond to questions in our reading response  journal in Spanish.  Our class is enjoying it very much. Dual-language is reading it in Spanish.         Here are some words from […]

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It’s bright, colorful, and fun! On March 10th there was a wild, crazy Spirit Day at Travis Heights Elementary. On that day, kids grades Kinder to 5th celebrated by wearing crazy neon outfits. Everywhere you looked there were hundreds of kids in bright, exuberant colors. Student council organized this event and many others. Three cheers […]

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Regional Science Fair

The Regional Science Fair is the city science fair.  People from all over Austin, Bastrop and Round Rock are welcome.  The fair was located in the Palmer Events Center next to the Long Center. There were over three thousand projects, but don’t worry people from Bastrop round rock and Austin are welcome

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Young Writers Workshop in 2018

Young writers workshop has recently occurred in the Travis Heights community. It is an event where experienced writers join us to help us embrace our imaginations and write. This is the 21st year that Travis Heights has hosted this event As we exited the gym doors from the presentation, some fellow community members shared their […]

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5th grade’s classpet

In fifth grade Mr. Bustillos’s class got a new class pet, or should I say pets. This fifth grade classroom got meal worms. The pet may sound uncommon, may sound weird, but we got them at the perfect time. We got them the very week that we were learning about metamorphosis. As we started learning […]

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Visiting Journalist–Mike Hall

The 4th & 5th grade Photogs consulted with a professional journalist today.  Mike Hall, a writer from Texas Monthly, talked to us about what it’s like to be a journalist.  He helped us understand that focusing our topic helps make it more interesting.  For example, instead of writing about a big topic like animals, we […]

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Cultural Festival

Have you ever traveled out of the country? Whether you have or haven’t the cultural festival is an engaging and exciting experience for everyone. When walking from booth to booth you feel as if you are traveling internationally. While all of these exciting events bustle through the hallways amazing events are happening in the cafeteria. […]

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The Tamalada

There was a Tamalada on December 6th from 3-6 pm and it took place in the Travis Heights cafeteria.. The Tamalada is when parents, teachers, and some kids help make tamales. When parents help and they have their kids with them, college students are there to help.  The kids can play games, have snacks, color, and […]

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Art in 5th grade

  In 5th grade art, 5th grade is drawing, tracing, and then painting eyes. Most people are already painting theirs, but some people are a little behind. After you are done painting water colors you use puff paint to make dots.

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Fall Festival Cake Walk

Every year at Travis Heights Elementary we have a fall festival. We have all kinds of games and booths, and one of them is the cake walk. People donate cakes, and we play music.  Then we stop the music, and pick the number.  Someone wins the cake and choses the cake they want. There are […]

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