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Photojournalists Hard at Work–

Thank you for your patience as our Photogs work on providing amazing posts for this year.  Here they are working hard today– Mrs. Freeman lets us use her room during her lunch time and planning period so that we can have a place work.  Mrs. Friedman–THANK YOU!!

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In 4th grade we are reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio and doing readers responses.  We are having fun doing it. We are on the last part! This book is a great book for 9 year old’s to 45 year old’s.

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Visiting Photographer: Kirsten Niedzwecki

We were so lucky today, because an amazing photographer came in to help our 4th graders think about ways to make our photos more interesting. She lives in the neighborhood and her name is Kirsten Niedzwecki. She even offered to come back and help us some more! Thank you, Kirsten! If you want to see […]

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hes petting her

Donating to Austin Pets Alive

Donating to Austin Pets Alive was really fun. We got to hold pets, and we got to pet some, and there was even one named Genevieve.  She was a sweet cat.  I wish I could have taken one home with me! I want to volunteer for Austin Pets Alive. I wish I worked there. I […]

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City of Ember

This was a very fun project. When we started the project, we read City of Ember. We read a chapter a day. When we finished the book we got to watch the movie which was not like the book at all.  While we were reading the book we learned vocabulary.  Some of the vocabulary we […]

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Interview With a Student Teacher

Interviewing Ms. Medina, a student teacher   Who/What inspired you to be a teacher?  “My cousin inspired me, I had him as a teacher in 1st grade. It interested me how he teached everyone.” Why did you want to become a teacher? “I was a teacher for tutoring, and I liked the point of helping […]

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4th grade is reading Wonder,by R. J. Palacio, in class. We are reading Wonder to learn about kindness and empathy. The book is about a boy who has a face deformation and is going to school for the first time. In the beginning when he first went he had fun but then something happens and […]

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Tiny Houses

In Fourth Grade we are working on a projects called tiny houses. It focuses on area and perimeter. We have to design it, make a draft, and make a 3 dimensional version. Then we work on landscaping. Mine has a treehouse, a zipline, a hot tub, and a rope ladder. After you are done drawing […]

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Learning About Business in 4th Grade

This was last month’s project on how to do business in the fourth grade classes. We learned what profit, loans, investing and finances. This 4th grader is working on finances on the computer and was working with a partner on slides. Once they were done, the sharks from Shark Tank came to Travis Heights School to see the 4th […]

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Shamrock Dance

On March 3rd the Shamrock Dance was on!!!!!! The DJ at the Shamrock Dance was a fourth grade student’s dad. He played all of our favorite songs. Students from 3rd through 5th grade got to go. We did this to celebrate. St.Patrick’s Day and to raise money for a field trip to the Alamo and […]

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