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Most Recent Posts:


Visiting Journalist–Mike Hall

The 4th & 5th grade Photogs consulted with a professional journalist today.  Mike Hall, a writer from Texas Monthly, talked to us about what it’s like to be a journalist.  He helped us understand that focusing our topic helps make it more interesting.  For example, instead of writing about a big topic like animals, we […]

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Cultural Festival

Have you ever traveled out of the country? Whether you have or haven’t the cultural festival is an engaging and exciting experience for everyone. When walking from booth to booth you feel as if you are traveling internationally. While all of these exciting events bustle through the hallways amazing events are happening in the cafeteria. […]

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The Tamalada

There was a Tamalada on December 6th from 3-6 pm and it took place in the Travis Heights cafeteria.. The Tamalada is when parents, teachers, and some kids help make tamales. When parents help and they have their kids with them, college students are there to help.  The kids can play games, have snacks, color, and […]

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Art in 5th grade

  In 5th grade art, 5th grade is drawing, tracing, and then painting eyes. Most people are already painting theirs, but some people are a little behind. After you are done painting water colors you use puff paint to make dots.

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Fall Festival Cake Walk

Every year at Travis Heights Elementary we have a fall festival. We have all kinds of games and booths, and one of them is the cake walk. People donate cakes, and we play music.  Then we stop the music, and pick the number.  Someone wins the cake and choses the cake they want. There are […]

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4th Grade Recorders

4th grade is learning to play the recorders. We are earning  our recorder yarn. The first song you have learn is “Hot Cross Buns” which earns the white yarn. There are 7 colors that you can get in “recorder-arate”.  Ms. Alvarez-Sims’ class is on the third yarn, the orange yarn. We  call it “record-arate” (rhymes […]

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Name Tags from Camp Champions

5th grade was at Camp Champions November 1-3, and we got name tags. The tags were necklaces with a piece of wood. The wood was about 3 inches wide and it had our names on it. After we we finished an activity, such as history, we got a bead to put on the tag.  We had the […]

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Family Fun And Fitness

The 3rd-5th graders had Family Fun and Fitness Day at Travis Heights. Family fun and fitness is a day where kids spend three hours of the day outside doing fun and physical activities. There are activities for everyone: ultimate frisbee, soccer, tug of war, and volleyball. The kids had Family Fun And Fitness on November […]

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The Girls Cabin At Camp Champions

On November 1-3 the fifth graders at Travis Heights Elementary school went to Camp champions. Everyone had a great time. Even though the girls cabin had no air conditioning and no glass windows, everyone slept well. The girls cabin at Camp Champions had screened in windows and no air conditioning. It also had flies, but […]

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AGF : Ava Goes Flying – A new reality TV show

North America, United States, Texas, Camp Champions, The Glob. Camera at the ready, flying in 3..2..1..  Boom! Ava Goes Flying On a sunny day at Camp Champions tens of kids lined up for one lakeside activity, The Glob. The camera is trained on one person in particular, Ava Borich           She […]

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Breakfast in the Classroom

  We stared breakfast in the classroom early September.We don’t have to have breakfast at home any more.  It gets a good start to the day!! Everybody waits in line and grabs there breakfast. In Ms. Villanuevas’ class, while we eat breakfast we watch CNN 10. It is like one time of a day you can […]

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