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City of Ember

This was a very fun project. When we started the project, we read City of Ember. We read a chapter a day. When we finished the book we got to watch the movie which was not like the book at all.  While we were reading the book we learned vocabulary.  Some of the vocabulary we learned was:  grave, lurch, scurry, and plummet.  We also did some other activities.To finish off, we brought in an object that represented City of Ember for us.  These pictures show some of the things people brought in.

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Interview With a Student Teacher

Interviewing Ms. Medina, a student teacher


  1. Who/What inspired you to be a teacher?  “My cousin inspired me, I had him as a teacher in 1st grade. It interested me how he teached everyone.”
  2. Why did you want to become a teacher? “I was a teacher for tutoring, and I liked the point of helping people learn. So know I’m a student teacher, and hope to be a teacher soon.”
  3. Do you like your job so far? “Yes I love my job! It’s fun to teach kids!”
  4. What is your favorite subject to teach? “My favorite subject to teach is Math, and My second most favorite subject to teach is Reading.”
  5. Does it make you scared to teach in front of kids? “No, but at first I was worried because if they didn’t pay attention they wouldn’t learn.”
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4th grade is reading Wonder,by R. J. Palacio, in class. We are reading Wonder to learn about kindness and empathy. The book is about a boy who has a face deformation and is going to school for the first time. In the beginning when he first went he had fun but then something happens and he does not like it any more. We will do a PBL (project- based learning) on the book. It  is told from 5 different points of view. I can’t wait to know what happens next!

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Tiny Houses

In Fourth Grade we are working on a projects called tiny houses. It focuses on area and perimeter. We have to design it, make a draft, and make a 3 dimensional version. Then we work on landscaping. Mine has a treehouse, a zipline, a hot tub, and a rope ladder. After you are done drawing it, then you color it. For the area and perimeter part we had to measure each piece of furniture. This was a very fun and interesting project.

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Learning About Business in 4th Grade

This was last month’s project on how to do business in the fourth grade classes. We learned what profit, loans, investing and finances.

This 4th grader is working on finances on the computer and was working with a partner on slides. Once they were done, the sharks from Shark Tank came to Travis Heights School

to see the 4th grade presentations.  The presentations were about products and services. We really enjoyed this project!

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Shamrock Dance

On March 3rd the Shamrock Dance was on!!!!!! The DJ at the Shamrock Dance was a fourth grade student’s dad. He played all of our favorite songs. Students from 3rd through 5th grade got to go. We did this to celebrate. St.Patrick’s Day and to raise money for a field trip to the Alamo and for other things. There was a lot of food and drinks.

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Sham-Rock dance

We want to thank the 4th and 5th grade parents that helped organize the Shamrock Dance. Starting at 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. This is a booth stand where they were selling popcorn. There were popcorn stands, water stands and a cookie stand. This is Marco’s mom and Eduardo’s mom working on the popcorn stand and Roisin’s dad was working on the cookie stand.

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Art in 5th Grade


In art we are drawing magical trees.

The trees  have creative patterns on them.

The whole class works quietly while

listening to 94.7 on the radio.

These are some of the colors we are using

to make our trees POP.

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What does Photojournalism do?

Here we have Roisin working on a post for the Photo Journalism team. We work in a room where we can concentrate, it’s very quiet. We usually work at lunchtime on Thursdays . The post Roisin is working on is called “Fourth Grade Music”.

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Fourth Grade Art

Fourth grade is working on a winter landscape in art.  Each class is making a variation on it. First fourth grade paints a stormy sky, then we draw and cut out a spooky tree.  Later we will draw mythical creatures and paste them onto our stormy background.

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New Photojournalism Recruits

Sugar Sales is a third grader here at Travis Heights Elementary. She loves to draw and has drawn many pictures. She loves running and loves to play tag. She has also been to many places like the Grand Canyon and would have drawn it for all of us but was only 2 years old.

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