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Native American Study

In class we are studying the Native Americans. The Native Americans are very cool to study about. We are making slides about the Native Americans. The tribe that I’m studying is the Tawakoni tribe. Everyday we read an article about a different tribe. The Native Americans are not just the people who live out in the wild. They are very-day people. This study is really good because we could learn about the Native Americans and the different tribes and the cultures of all the Native Americans. The cool thing is you basically get to study two tribes because you can work with your partner and learn about their tribe. If you have any interest you can look at many different tribes. Two different tribes you can study are Tawakoni and Apaches. Many people have different tribes. You can start a campaign and make sure that people are not making false statements about the Native Americans.

NInja Strike and Minikarn worked on this article together.