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This week, a few of us met with Amy Cooper again to practice taking pictures and learning how to make the photos interesting and fun to look at.  (It started to rain, so we didn’t get much practice this week!)  Here are a couple…

5-12-165 5-12-162


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Learning about Photography

Today Amy Cooper, a kindergarten parent and professional photographer, met with us to share some ideas for taking interesting and focused pictures.  She shared a document with us that outlined some things to think about.  (You can download it here: Photography instructional sheet.)  We’re excited about trying out her ideas!

IMG_4408 IMG_4409

We will meet again on May 12th and we’re supposed to bring our cameras to that meeting, so that we can put what we learned to use!

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New Photojournalism Leadership Team

We’ve had our first meeting and are excited about getting started!

Here is our 3rd grade team:


Here’s our 4th grade team:


And here is our 5th grade team:

5th Grade

Tomorrow we’re meeting with an amazing mom and volunteer, Amy Cooper, who is going to teach us how to take interesting photos.

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