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The Smallest Members of THES

Many kids attend Travis Heights Elementary School, from our Pre-K to fifth grade. Pre-K and Kinder are some of our smallest kids, but still not our smallest members. Our smallest members are the THES pets! Some people would agree that animals movements and actions are inspirational for projects or PBLs that focus on science, specifically animal science. Not only this, but students or teachers who are irritated tend to stop and think while watching another animals movements, calming them down. Here is some information about the pets at our school. 

Ms. Isoline’s Rats

Ms. Isoline currently has three rats. One is a small black one, whose name is Trixie. Trixie is a wild rat and is a bit nervous about the idea of tons of humans. She and the other rats are sometimes seen snuggling together. There’s  a slightly bigger black one that’s named Luna. Luna was a bit nervous at first, too, with all the people gazing into the glass, but is slowly warming up to humans. The last one is a white rat with black splotches. Her name is name is Badger. Badger was adopted along with her sister, Moca.  Unfortunately, Mocha died over the summer. Trixie and Luna are new to the school. A student gave them to Ms.Isoline so Badger wouldn’t be lonely. Badger tends to be the one that will come up to you if you open the cage. She is most comfortable with people. Sometimes Ms. Isoline opens the top of the cage and lets the rats run free. Badger runs on the floor, while Luna and Trixie explore the desk. 
Mr. Paparone’s Snake

Every month certain teachers can get temporary pets from the Science Resource Center. (They get sent back after a little while.)  Mr. Paparone is one of those teachers. Not too long ago, Mr. Paparone received a corn snake. The children voted on a name and the winner was Zoom-Zoom Charlie. Zoom-Zoom Charlie mostly spent his time under his log. The children, however, did get to see Zoom-Zoom Charlie shed his skin! Depending on the age and species of the snake, they may shed twice every month or twice a year. Adult corn snakes typically shed twice a month. 
The Chicken Coop

The chicken coop is a remarkable little addition to our school! There are four chickens currently. Three are ready to strut their stuff! One casually plays it cool, putting in a cluck or two. They are cautious of humans. They help teach responsibility to the Pre-K classes that take care of them. They teach kids about cleaning an animals living space, feeding animals, and making sure they have fresh water. Kids even collect the eggs!
Ms. Isolines Guinea Pigs

Ms. Isoline has two guinea pigs. One is a little baby guinea pig named Delilah, and the other is an older one is named Marshmallow. Delilah is small and white. Marshmallow is a light brown and white. Delilah gets nervous when people watch her and typically darts out to get lettuce. Marshmallow is nervous, but doesn’t dart out like Delilah. 5th grade occasionally gets to hold the Guinea Pigs.