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Amazing Square One Art

Art is one of the most beautiful things in the world. In 4th grade art class we are doing Square One Art. Square One Art is the first art project of the year for all grades. For Square One Art in 4th grade, we are doing sun faces. Different grades do different projects. For example, 1st grade is doing llamas for their square one art. Ms.Isoline is our amazing art teacher. Every grade does Square One Art each year. Some pieces are very detailed and some are not so detailed. Every piece is unique. I have a question for you: What are you doing for Square One Art?

Ms. Isoline is the art teacher and she is a great one. Ms.Isoline helps you with Square One Art if you ask. We talked to her about the directions for the sun faces.  Here’s what she said.  

Step 1: To start off your project, you want a sketch. The sketch is one of the most important steps of the project. This is the step where you decide what you want your sun (or any other projects) to look like. You can decide if you want your sun to look realistic or if you want it to look like a fantasy character from your favorite cartoon. There are can be hard moments and easy moments, but in the end you always come out with a beautiful piece of art.

Step 2: Step two is use the thin Sharpie to outline your drawing onto the paper. Once you know what you want your sun face to look like, you go over it with a thin Sharpie. Adding the Sharpie is important because after you color your project, everything will pop out more, and it will be hard to see the pencil lines. You will not be able to see some of the important details that you worked so hard on if you don’t outline them with the Sharpie. 

Step 3: The third step of the project is to color your art. For this step you might want to look at the color wheel to see what colors look good together and which ones don’t.

Step 4: The fourth step is to sketch your background. For the background you must fill up the whole page with creative patterns and small objects. Once you have sketched  your patterns and objects, you have to outline your background with the thin Sharpie.

Step 5:  The final step is to color your background.  Look at the color wheel to get some good ideas. You need to fill up the page with color. When you have filled in all of the white spots, Write your name with a black Sharpie at the bottom corner of the page.

After you are done with your masterpiece, you can order many items with YOUR artwork on it! You can buy mugs, aprons, water bottles, dog tags, and more! You will get a catalog so you know what there is and what colors it comes in. You get a package with your child’s art work on the front! You get  the catalog with everything you can buy. You also get a sheet of free stickers that come with the catalog. You have to order in a certain amount of time so you don’t miss out on all the cool stuff you can buy.

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The Superheros of the Cafeteria

In the cafeteria, we are lucky to have some very nice ladies who prepare breakfast, make lunch, and stay after school to give food to kids at Prime Time and Extend-a-Care. Every day the lunch ladies have to get there by 5:00-6:00 to prepare breakfast in the classroom, and they bring it to the classrooms by 7:00 am. They make the lunches quickly because there are so many  kids. The lunch ladies only eat after all the kids eat. The ladies love seeing the kids smile. They also feel like a family when they are working together. We all appreciate those wonderful ladies SO much!


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