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Ice cream social

   Ice Cream Social   At the ice cream social you do three things: Find out your teacher, meet your teacher, and get Ice cream or a popsicle. Find out your teacher When you walk into the building there is a bulletin board with every class on it. Find your grade and look for your name, […]

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Immigration and Migration

This year as a project in 4th grade we are doing a immigration and migration interview. We are expected to find a person that is not our parents to interview and that came from another continent, country, or state. Then we are expected to ask them different questions like: Where were you born? Why did […]

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New Year New You

The new principal of Travis Heights is Michelle  Amezquita Navarro. When Mrs. Navarro was four she had playdates with her friends, and she would play school. What made Mrs. Navarro like playing school so much was that she loved helping people, and now that she is an adult she loves seeing the potential in kids. […]

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Ms. De La Torre: Our Cool New Assistant Principal

We have a new vice principal at Travis Heights Elementary and her name is Ms. De La Torre. She graduated from U.T. She worked in her hometown at Giddings Intermediate School, but she missed Austin. So switched to Riley Elementary School where she taught 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. She then decided to go to […]

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4th grade P.B.L.

Hi, I’m in Ms. Villanueva’s 4th grade class. This year in fourth grade we are doing a P.B.L. about  immigrants and migrants who moved to Texas. We had to find a immigrant or migrant and interview them. Then we partnered up and made a podcast with all of the information we have learned.  We asked […]

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Mrs. Robertson Has Left

By Pandababy and Thesrocks It is sad news to say that our beloved Ms. Robertson has left Travis Heights Elementary School. She enjoys seeing us kids all around the school. She knows everybody’s name in the whole school. She has served as a principal for about 18 years. She loves the school and us, but […]

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by Goldenmonkey and Fuzzylobster We learned that 1st grade was learning through a project involving butterflies.  Here’s what we found out. How does camouflage work ? Camouflage is two different things hide from predators and hunt for prey. What did you learn? We interviewed a student named Penelope. She told us about the life cycle […]

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After School Fun

One of the extra-curricular activities that we have here at Travis Heights is prime time. Prime time is a variety of after school activities that kids can participate in, from grades K – 5 and most run from 3:15 to 4:15. Many of the prime times are run by school teachers and it is cool […]

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Badger and Moca

If you’re a student at Travis Heights and have not met these furry friends, then make sure you do! When someone first hears that are art teacher has rats they might freak out. But once you get close to these cute, lovable, creatures there will be no turning your back. Badger and Moca first arrived […]

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Market Day in Third Grade

Market Day is fun because 3rd graders donate things and create their own stores. The students get prizes and much, much more. You can buy prizes with T-bills with faces of our 3rd grade teachers: Mr. Myers, Ms.Esquivel, and Ms. Mefford. I hope you get you prizes like when I was in 3rd grade. I […]

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