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Welcome to the THES Student Blog!

For the 2020-2021 school year, the Photojournalism Team will be working remotely.
Their work will continue to be published here.
If ANY THES student wishes to have their work published, please email Ms. Friedman.
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Most Recent Posts:


Character Dress Up Day

THES hosted a school-wide Storybook Character Parade on Friday, October 31st. Students dressed up as a book character such as Mrs Frizzle, Red Riding Hood, Thing 1 or Thing 2 from Cat and The Hat and stuff like that. Our Dress-Up Day was on October 31st (on Halloween). If you didn’t want to dress up, […]

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Tech Crew

Lights, camera, action! The new tech crew has arrived! Every year at our school we welcome a new bunch of fifth graders to the esteemed Tech Crew. On the Tech Crew we have lots of job options to choose from. Here’s an example of a few of them: stage manager, floor manager, lights, dmx, best […]

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2019-11-05 10.43.22 copy

The Big Fourth Grade Dual Language Class

Do you know why the 4th grade dual language class is so big? It’s because this year,  there are only enough fourth grade students for three classes. Since there are fewer DL students than the non-DL, the two DL classes were combined in to one this year. Ms.Alvarez-Simms is the teacher of the fourth grade […]

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CounselorPIedra copy


By guitarguy123 and darkshadow We have two great counselors and today we’re going to tell you about one of them. Ms. Piedra has three dogs. She is married and has two children. Ms. Piedra has been an SEL teacher for 6 years, but not all at this school. (SEL stands for Social Emotional Learning.) Ms. […]

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Mr. Skadson

Mr. Skadson is a new fifth grade teacher at Travis Heights Elementary School.  He is a teacher for all subjects and he makes learning fun. We asked Mr. Skadson some questions and here are his responses. fluffypuppycat: How long have you been a teacher for? Skadson: This is my fourth year. ava1234: Do you enjoy […]

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Creative Action

Creative Action

At Travis Heights Elementary School, there are many after-school programs and one of them is Creative Action. I am in creative action, so I have first-hand experience with the teachers and activities there. We have points that we can earn called Dojo points, we can get them by being the 4C’s which are: Creative Artists, […]

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“Life in Travis Heights”–A Neighborhood Magazine

Do you live in Travis Heights neighborhood? If so, did you get the “Life in Travis Heights” magazine? Well, I have bad news. There are not printing them anymore. “Life in Travis Heights” is a way to tell the TH area what’s going on. In each magazine there is a family that they interview. The […]

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McKinney Roughs

5th Grade’s Going to McKinney Roughs !

5th grade is like a roller coaster! We have our ups and downs. We have got our biggest up coming our way. We’re going to McKinney Roughs! McKinney Roughs is an overnight camp in Cedar Creek. We’re going to be rafting, hiking, and were doing ropes courses. We’re also going to be looking at carnivore […]

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Ms. King the T.H.E.S Music Teacher

Ms. King is the music teacher for Travis Heights Elementary School. She has taught at THES for 14 years. Before that she taught at a school in Dallas. She wanted to be a music teacher because she loves music and wants to inspire the love of music in others. She started playing the piano and […]

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THES Prime Time

At THES we have Prime Time and kids can sign up for Prime time classes. Prime time is a bunch of fun after-school activities like Advanced Drawing, Sports Club, and Arts and Crafts. The Prime Time is not for the whole year. It is for six weeks in the fall and six weeks in the […]

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School Lunch

At THES we have a school lunch. I’m here to tell you about it. First of all we have a new school lunch every day like hot dogs, tacos, sun butter and jelly sandwiches, and turkey sandwiches. The food is really good. It gets very noisy in the cafeteria because there are a lot of […]

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