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At Travis Heights Elementary we do something called W.O.W. (Working Out for Wellness). W.O.W. is time for students to get their energy out before sitting down and learning. All students in AISD get 30 minutes of recess and P.E. every two days. 

For most students, recess is still not enough. W.O.W. is instructed exercise where the students do something of the teacher’s choice. Most teachers use Just Dance, GoNoodle, or run at the track. Our teachers are responsible for giving us W.O.W. We aren’t required to do it if we have P.E. that day. 

Students really like W.O.W. It gives them a break from education and lets them enjoy each other. As I said, W.O.W. is INSTRUCTED exercise. You can’t just walk around outside or talk the whole time. It’s not only exercise physically, you also exercise your mind. Sometimes we  do meditation. It helps us calm down and get ready to learn. W.O.W. is fun for students and teachers. I think it’s a great addition to our school day!