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Different Playgrounds at Travis Heights Elementary

Have you ever wondered about the different playgrounds at Travis Heights? Well, if you read this, your questions will be answered about the playgrounds. We have three different playgrounds, but we don’t own them all. We only own two.

One is Wild Man Woods. Wild Man woods is a very active playground. It has a band set with six drums and a xylophone. There is more but they are not instruments.

The next playground is the Big Stacy Playground, well, that is what I call it. That is the playground that I usually go to. It has a full playground set with two swings and bars to play on. This playground is my favorite because it has lots of stuff to play with.

The last playground is the Black Top. The Black Top is a big black empty space there is a basketball basket and it provides lots of toys such as: basketballs, hula hoops, jump ropes, and more. There is one more place that we go to but it is not really a playground. It has exercise equipment and a big field that we can play in. These are the playgrounds at Travis Heights Elementary.       

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Film kids

Have you ever heard of the prime time class “Film Kids”? Film kids is a prime time class where you make short movies and clips. I am part of film kids and on the 27th of November we had a showing of all the movies we made in the library.

A list of movies we did this year is:

  • Paper Plane Attack on Noah
  • Paper Attack on Millie
  • Meet the Filmmakers
  • Rainbow in a Jar
  • The Ball and
  • The Tale of Two runners

My personal favorite is the “Tale of two Runners”. It’s about two students who dress up as villains and and run around the school causing mischief. The movie is also silent and in black and white.

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Parent Support Specialist

Have you heard of the PSS stands for Parent Support Specialist NOT to be confused with PS4!

What do you do?

  • Organize and provide ongoing parent/family/community engagement trainings and meetings in coordination with the campus and vertical team principals, campus and district staff, and other community entities.
  • Assist parents/families/community and staff in understanding district, state, and federal practices and policies (including the Title One family compact and parent involvement policy.)
  • Assist the principal and other campus staff with identifying effective strategies for increasing parent participation by utilizing The National Standards of PTA.
  • Establish and maintain productive working relationships with campus staff and parents/families/community and community resource providers.
  • Document program activities and outcomes, which will promote the identification of successful practices and the sharing of these practices.
  • Collaborate closely with the Learning Support Services Team, the Campus Advisory Council (CAC) and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA/PTSA) on each campus and at the vertical team level.
  • Attend necessary Parent Support Specialist district staff development trainings.

Why did you pick this school?

I am currently a student at Huston- Tillotson University majoring in Elementary Education. Part of my schooling requires that I work in an elementary school while I pursue my degree.

THES was hiring and I applied…. The rest is history.

What do you do in your free time?

I bake and work on a family cookbook I am putting together for my mom’s side of the family. I  am also building the curriculum for the summer camp I run out of my house. The camp is called CAMP CHEF KIDS and it is for ages 7-12 years old. So, basically I teach kids to cook during the summer……but with a twist. We take walking field trips, do art and crafts, journal, develop recipes and spend time at the splash pad across the street from my house.

What’s it like being a PSS?

It is amazing being a Parent Support Specials. I LOVE helping people!! I get to meet new people everyday and I get to help families and students.

What are your goals?

I have 5 Goals for 2019

  1. Finish the cookbook!!! My cousins are always asking me “Is it done yet?”
  2. Start a Water Fitness Group for teachers at Travis Heights this spring. (Stacey Pool is literally right next door)
  3. Invite more refugee families to participate in school activities.
  4. Help re-open the Travis Heights store
  5. Be the best  PSS I can be!!

Is there anything else you want us to know? Like fun facts?

My favorite color is purple. My real name is Adrianna. I use to work with Ms. Boyd and Ms. Cooper at Open Door Preschool (not at the same time).


My favorite candy is a GOO GOO CLUSTER.
I have a passion for working with children and their families.
I am the oldest of 6 children.
I have three kiddos : Gabriel 24, Noah 20 and Bella 16
My food is homemade mac-n-cheese.

You can find her office in the front hallway, near the front door!

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Classroom Pets of THES

What kid doesn’t like a pet in their classroom? Well no one that I know! At Travis Heights we have many class pets, and I’m here to show you most of them.This is our guinea pig.

This is our hissing cockroaches. (Yes we have hissing cockroaches!)

This is our gecco.


This is our dove.

This is our Parakeet.

This is our tarantula.

This is our snake.

This is our mouse, Oreo.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our classroom pets!  

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Haunted Hallway

Every year for the Fall Carnival, Ms.Isoline and the 5th graders put together a haunted hallway in the 3rd grade hall. This year there was a clown at the entrance and people squirting water at you. It was so fun! (Even though I did not go in, many people said it was fun). Some of my fourth grade friends were in it and scared some boys in my class. Next year I get to be in the haunted hallway and scare a bunch of people!

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The Mather-Kirkland House

There is amazing 5-story mansion in the Travis Heights neighborhood. The bottom half of the house is actually left-over granite from the building of the Texas Capital. On the top of the house there is a cupola with a amazing view of the city. The house is five stories, with the basement, ground floor, second floor, attic, and dome.  It even has an upstairs “sleeping porch”.

The house is filled with peacocks. For example, there is a room called the “Peacock Room”. It is actually a bathroom with an amazing mural of two male peacocks. The woman who lives there had pet peacocks when she lived in a different part of the neighborhood.

This house was one of the first houses to have electric power in our neighborhood. The house went through a renovation 12 years ago, but the building of the house started in 1882.. The house is filled with amazing stained glass.

I am a student at Travis Heights Elementary School as a fourth grader. Our school has a amazing program called Square One Art. This program is something we do in art class. We create a piece of art and it gets turned into amazing coasters, mugs, aprons, t-shirts, phone cases, and many more items. The owners of the house have friends whose kids go to school at THES. They have received coasters which are placed on tables all over the house on tables. The Mather House is amazing wonder! This is all thanks to Claudette and Hugh for restoring it and keeping it that way.

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New Chicks

Guess what? Travis Heights got new chicks the beginning of this school year.  The school got six new chickens. They live in the chicken coop next to Wild Man Woods. The chickens’ names are Jayne, Orchid, Amber, Phoebe, Estella, and Daisy. If you want to help out with taking care of the chickens on weekends and holidays you can talk to Ms.Penny or Ms.Armentor.

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Friday Assemblies

Friday, the 8th of September, was the first assembly of the 2018-2019 school year. I think we were all excited about it. Ms. Navarro is our new principal, and we didn’t know how it would go. I didn’t know if it would be the same or how it might be different. I interviewed two 4th graders, Vi Hart and Lilah O’dair

Me: So how did your first assembly go?
Vi: I was actually kind of nervous because I had never met Ms. Navarro or Ms. De La Torre. They are very encouraging, and I’m very happy that they gave us that seminar that motivated us.      
Me: Was it mostly the same with the Thunder band and everything?
Vi:  It was basically the the exact same. The first assembly really great. We did the usual super citizen awards but it felt different.

Me: So, Lilah, how did you like your first assembly?
Lilah: It was fun! 4th grade won the spirit stick.
Me: Yeah, I’m pretty excited that we won it, too. Anything else?
Lilah: It felt different because of the new principal.
Me: Yeah, for me to.


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Kopser for Congress

Joseph Kopser came to our 4th grade classrooms to talk to us about campaigning. He came because we are doing a P.B.L. on fundraising. We are writing a letter to learn about how someone can make a impact in their community. He talked about what makes up a campaign team.

If you don’t know who Kopser, is he is running for Congress.  In our P.B.L., when we finished our letter, we worked on  a campaign in groups. My group is doing ability. Two other members of  my group are in photojournalism. We make videos, buttons, and signs. In my group,  I’m the a reporter. This is my favorite P.B.L. and I love it. Thank you, Mr. Kopser, for coming to talk at our school.

P.S. Kopser did not win.

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Back to School Night

Back to school night is when your parents and you go to school.  The children go to the art or music room to watch a movie. While the children are at the movie, parents go to classrooms and learn about the progress their children are making in their classes.

Back to school night is basically a PTA meeting. Before you go to your classroom, there is pizza and popcorn! They also sell t-shirts at back to school night. Back to school night is not just at Travis Heights, back to school night is everywhere. So don’t miss your back to school night!

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Ice Cream Social

The 2018-2019 ice cream social was a success. There were more than 100 families meeting our teachers. Travis Heights Elementary felt a warm welcome to the new school year. Also we had a good turn out of new thunderbirds. Some students enjoyed their ice cream while meeting their teachers.


El social dehelado fue unexito todos los que estuvieron presentes disfruturon lo helados y tambien las platicas entre ellos.  Esta reunion nos ayudo a conocer a nuevos amigos y a decir hola a viejos amigos . Es may bonito ver los pasillos llenos de decoracones para este ano escolar.  Nos dio un oportunidad para conocer a nuestra Directora nueva yconvivir con ella. Este ano vahacer uno delos mejores.

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