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Travis Heights Choir

The school has many after school clubs one of them is choir Our school has a choir made of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Our choir director is Ms. King. She has been teaching for 14 years. Ms. King directs a winter and spring choir.

In the winter choir we learn five or six songs. We perform at the Cultural Fest. In the spring choir we learn the National Anthem and some other cheery songs. We learn the National Anthem so that we can sing the National Anthem for the Austin Spurs. The Austin Spurs game is probably our most exciting event of the year for Choir. We think it’s exciting to just stand on that court with all the really tall basketball players. Some kids take their parents, friends, cousins and family to enjoy there debut. Others prefer to be independent and have a blast with their friends. Either way, it’s really exciting.

Choir is such a fun after-school activity that I guarantee you would want to join! If you want to join the choir, we pick up more and sadly drop more at this time. We meet every Monday from 3:00-4:15. Please check Travis Heights Choir out!

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“Life in Travis Heights”–A Neighborhood Magazine

Do you live in Travis Heights neighborhood? If so, did you get the “Life in Travis Heights” magazine? Well, I have bad news. There are not printing them anymore. “Life in Travis Heights” is a way to tell the TH area what’s going on.

In each magazine there is a family that they interview. The family makes the cover. They also have pages were they put the story that came out of the interview. There’s also a junior writer. I’ve even been the junior writer.  It was so fun! I got to tour a historical landmark mansion. (The people that lived there were so nice.) That article is also on the web sight, so go check it out. There’s also a dog of the month. Dog of the month is so cute!. There is a story of the dog, and how it ended up with its owner.

“Life in Travis Heights” is a wonderful thing and I hate to see it go. 

When I interviewed Sarah, the magazine’s former editor,  she talked about how this magazine brought people together just like she hoped. 


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5th Grade’s Going to McKinney Roughs !

5th grade is like a roller coaster! We have our ups and downs. We have got our biggest up coming our way. We’re going to McKinney Roughs! McKinney Roughs is an overnight camp in Cedar Creek. We’re going to be rafting, hiking, and were doing ropes courses. We’re also going to be looking at carnivore skulls and do lots of fun hikes.

Visitors claim that McKinney Roughs is a breath of fresh air from the city.
People visit for all kinds of fun trips like family reunions to educational trips.

5th grade is so pumped to be going on this trip! On behalf of all 5th grade, thank you to everyone that helped us get here: our teachers, PTA, Ms. De la torre, Ms. Navarro, and all the Guero’s VIP sponsors. But most importantly, thank you McKinney Roughs. Shout out to the McKinney Roughs staff for helping us get where we are going to be.

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The Mather-Kirkland House

There is amazing 5-story mansion in the Travis Heights neighborhood. The bottom half of the house is actually left-over granite from the building of the Texas Capital. On the top of the house there is a cupola with a amazing view of the city. The house is five stories, with the basement, ground floor, second floor, attic, and dome.  It even has an upstairs “sleeping porch”.

The house is filled with peacocks. For example, there is a room called the “Peacock Room”. It is actually a bathroom with an amazing mural of two male peacocks. The woman who lives there had pet peacocks when she lived in a different part of the neighborhood.

This house was one of the first houses to have electric power in our neighborhood. The house went through a renovation 12 years ago, but the building of the house started in 1882.. The house is filled with amazing stained glass.

I am a student at Travis Heights Elementary School as a fourth grader. Our school has a amazing program called Square One Art. This program is something we do in art class. We create a piece of art and it gets turned into amazing coasters, mugs, aprons, t-shirts, phone cases, and many more items. The owners of the house have friends whose kids go to school at THES. They have received coasters which are placed on tables all over the house on tables. The Mather House is amazing wonder! This is all thanks to Claudette and Hugh for restoring it and keeping it that way.

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Kopser for Congress

Joseph Kopser came to our 4th grade classrooms to talk to us about campaigning. He came because we are doing a P.B.L. on fundraising. We are writing a letter to learn about how someone can make a impact in their community. He talked about what makes up a campaign team.

If you don’t know who Kopser, is he is running for Congress.  In our P.B.L., when we finished our letter, we worked on  a campaign in groups. My group is doing ability. Two other members of  my group are in photojournalism. We make videos, buttons, and signs. In my group,  I’m the a reporter. This is my favorite P.B.L. and I love it. Thank you, Mr. Kopser, for coming to talk at our school.

P.S. Kopser did not win.

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Big Stacy Pool

Hi! I’m Puppypaw!  If you’re like me, you like to swim.  Next door to our school there is a pool called Big Stacy.   It has lap swimming lanes, a kiddy pool (shallow area), a deep end, and lots of fun. If you go to Travis Heights Elementary, in 1st grade you get free swim lessons in the spring. While being escorted by a lifeguard, you learn all the rules of the pool and how to swim in the shallow end. If you’re an expert at swimming, you can do diving in the the deep area. In the swim lessons they learn safety rules and how to save someone if they are drowning. They also teach strokes like the backstroke, freestyle and some other strokes. They also teach the standing dive, procedures like staying calm if you’re drowning and how to save someone if they are drowning.


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4th grade P.B.L.

Hi, I’m in Ms. Villanueva’s 4th grade class. This year in fourth grade we are doing a P.B.L. about  immigrants and migrants who moved to Texas. We had to find a immigrant or migrant and interview them. Then we partnered up and made a podcast with all of the information we have learned.  We asked questions like:

  • Where were you born?
  • How old were you when you came to Texas?
  • How did you get Texas?
  • Where were you born?

We made a chart with all of are information to see if our partners have any of the same information.  After that, we had to write script on Google Docs (longer than 2 minutes).  When we were done with with our scripts, we went to the computer lab and recorded it.   That’s what we did for our Project Based Learning to start off the year!


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