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The Dragon Search : Book 1.

The Dragon Search : Book 1.

Dragons are rare. You can not find them everywhere. There are many places where they used to be, but not anymore. If you want to find one, you would have to build a ship and follow the Never Ending rivers to  get to a spot where one may or may not be. If somebody gets it before you, that traveling would be a waste of time.

There was a boy named Luke Emmerson. He wanted to get an egg desperately, but he would have to go many places. He thought that maybe his father would be interested in helping to find a dragon egg. He went inside to ask his dad if he wanted to go with him. His dad had been studying about dragons for a long time and he knew where dragon eggs might be hidden. His dad said, “Of course I will do this. Even as a boy, I wanted to search for a dragon egg.”

They went to get a boat. Once they got their boat, all they needed was supplies. So they went to town and got food for their journey. It would take them approximately two weeks to get to the place where the dragon egg was thought to be. As they got on their boat, another person seemed to have been loading supplies on a boat as well. He was looking at them with a worry on his face.  Luke and his father worried that the sailor next to them was also looking for the egg. That meant they were in competition and they had to figure out a way to get there faster than the other person. They had a little advantage because his dad had studied dragons for a long time, so he knew the lands quite well.

They started their mission to Fantalia, where the egg could be found. It was just off the coast of Kami, so it was not close. That is why they needed a boat. It seemed that the other sailor had just started on his mission. Luke and his dad already got off before the other sailor did, so that was good. It seemed the sailor had weapons, which meant they might have a scaresome ride to get to Fantalia.

Overnight they had to find their way away from the other boat’s range. If they got too close, the sailor might attack them. “Could we be attacked during the night?” worried the dad. 

In the morning they almost went over a waterfall. How could they recover? The dad ran up to the steering wheel, but could not get it pulled around.  It really seemed like they were going to fall. As the boat tipped over the edge, the boat went down before them. They had been sleeping on the deck, so they weren’t inside the boat. All of a sudden they were flying! It was cool until gravity hit them. After that they started falling straight onto the wooden deck, but all of their supplies were floating around them.  At the bottom of the waterfall they were safe. The next day they were all bruised and they hurt a lot. 

“Did the other sailor make it around the waterfall?” 

“I think he did,” said his dad.” Oh man, we could have gone around  the waterfall as well.” 

The next day, they saw a town, so they decided to dock and head in to buy supplies.  All of their food flew out at the waterfall. They needed to get fruit and vegetables to stay healthy and strong. Once they got back they left the stock on the deck. “We also needed to build stairs”, said the dad, so they got wood, nails and a hammer. They tore out some boards and built the stairs, after that they put the beds and stock under the boat and they were ready to move on. 

Later during the day they spotted the other sailor just behind them and far to the right. how could they move away. They needed to keep out of sight from the sailor. They went to a place where they thought was safe so they threw the anchor down and went to bed. In the morning Luke’s dad told him that he knew magic. He had learned it during his studies of dragons. 

Luke thought, “Well, now we don’t need weapons, do we? Nice!” 

“I will teach you some spells,” said his dad.

His dad told him, “You won’t be able to learn them in a few hours; it will probably take at least a day.”

They started learning that morning.. Luke’s dad said “the first spell is Intuana. This will make things explode. To throw it you have to say ‘Intuana Alata’.” 

Luke tried it. He said, “Intuana Alata.” A flaming ball flew out of his hand and into the water. 

“Good job,” his dad said, “Not many people get it so fast. Now to make it go farther you have to get all the power you have in you and concentrate. Concentrate and you will achieve.”

 Luke did it many times and each time he went farther. After that they were both so tired, they decided they were going to call it a day. They went down stairs and went to bed that night. He was asleep in two minutes. In the morning they traveled some more and learned some new spells.. The first one for the day was Campino, next was Lansuam and the third one was Espana. Three spells that he mastered in just one day. His dad was impressed with his work.

Later that day they were just training and they saw the other sailor approach them. The sailor did not hesitate. He just shot. Luckily, he did not shoot Luke or his father. He shot one half of the boat straight off and left with quite some speed. Now they would need  to find another way to travel to Fantalia. They would need to go on land, because their boat was useless. Luke suggested horses. His dad agreed and said,“Luckily we have land all the way to Fantalia on either side of the river. “

When they arrived at the horse shack on the side of the river, the guy was sitting in a wooden rocking chair up front. They told him that they were going on a journey and half of their ship got shot off by a bomb. They asked him what horse they should get. He led them back to the stables and showed them to a horse named Albilia.  The stable owner said that she could go for a very long time. The other horse he showed to them was Arsenal. He said that this horse was fast so you could win any runoff against your enemies. 

“Thanks,” his dad said. “I think we will take both horses.”. 

“Ok,  that will be five tempura coins”. 

Lukes dad was surprised at how much it was. The translation in normal dollars or US dollars was about five thousand. It was a lot, but they had that amount. It was for their mission, so it was worth it. Even if this mission cost everything, they would get a lot of money from the dragon egg. They continued their journey on horses.

 A week later they saw the other sailor’s boat docking at a nearby town. Luke and his father were ahead of the other sailor at that time because he was docked. That means they have to have the horses run now to get ahead of the sailor. When they started to see Fantalia they were excited.

Luke’s dad said. “We can  be there in about two days or so. If we travel all night and all day we will be there by tomorrow.

 Now is our time to use the magic just while he is in town just shoot it and then we will get ahead for sure. 

Luke said, “Intuana Alata.” Boom! A fireball shot out of his hand and hit the ship. 

Ok let’s go, said hi dad. They needed the horses to go fast so they said heya and they went fast as ever down the muddy but firm dirt road.

 The next day when they arrived at the city of Fantalia there were already people there.  The sailor had some friends who lived on the island and they were ready for battle. They said I guess we are as well instantly they attacked shooting everywhere. They had to use their magic. It would be easy to defeat them that way. 

Luke said, “Intuana Alata.” and the fireball shot out of his hand. All of the sailor’s friends were wiped out instantly. Luke kind of felt bad just killing them, but he actually used magic for a good purpose this time. they found the dragon egg laying on the ground. 

His dad said, “They must have tried to take it,But then we defeated them.”

They put the dragon egg in the saddle and took it back home. It only took them a week because they knew the path more clearly than before. When they passed the ship the sailor was saying ”Oh, no, no, no, no, no! 

I guess we did some damage, right Dad?”

They did not notice until they got home that the dragon egg had hatched. They were now dragon keepers! As it grew it got really big. The dragon could almost not fit in the house they were now the most great dragon keepers of the century. 

Thank you for reading this book. It was a great pleasure making it. I think it will bring joy to the world during these tough times when we think it will never end. But it will. Thank you so much. STAY SAFE!

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I hope this fills your day with joy. Thanks and STAY SAFE!