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4th Grade PBL

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4th grade did a PBL First they learned what civic affairs meant.  Then they looked up about their person. Then they did a 2D body map. At the end they wrote their favorite part and least favorite part, what their teacher could change about it, and much more!

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Things at school


Wyatt jumping off the wall, VANS off the wall.


Some of the earliest things in the school year, we wrote what we want to improve on and what we are good on. I wrote that I want to be a mathematecian.


Beautiful Nature Calming Nature ;]. Walking to the Track.

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4th Grade Math And PBL

Fourth grade is working on decimal addition and subtraction. We are also doing a 2d body map of individuals who participated in civic affairs. Down below are pictures of Ms. Sircy’s class working on math and Ms. Alvarez’s class working on the PBL.

img_0007 img_0015 img_0014 img_0011img_0006

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Things fifth grade is doing

In science the fifth grade students are working on measuring height and width in centimeters with a ruler.


We are also working on working on making videos of similes and metaphors in Spanish.


We have worked on health in gym. In this photo Ms. Collins is talking to us about nutrition and how important it is.


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Fifth Grade Studies


In this picture the fifth grade is studying writing.  We are turning big watermelon stories into medium slice stories and then finishing it off with turning them in to little seed stories.


Science is one of fifth grades favorite subjects in school because we do experiments almost every day. In this photo we are working on density, the amount of matter in a given space.

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New Members Needed!

For the 2016-2017 school school year, students who were in Photojournalism last year are continuing this year.  We are in need of representatives from Marino’s and Sircy’s classrooms in 4th grade and Byrd’s and Carlson’s classrooms in 5th grade.  You can find the application for a position on the Photojournalism Team here: Application and Talent Release.  All applications are due by Friday, September 23rd.

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