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Art in 5th Grade


In art we are drawing magical trees.

The trees  have creative patterns on them.

The whole class works quietly while

listening to 94.7 on the radio.

These are some of the colors we are using

to make our trees POP.

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New Photojournalism Recruits

Ellissa Ulrich is one of the new recruits who applied to photojournalism. Her favorite animal is a panda, She likes how cute and cuddly they are. She loves both of her teachers but if she had to pick a favorite it would be Ms.Esquivel because of her sense of humor. Ellissa’s favorite sport is swimming, and she would swim everyday if she could. Her favorite thing to do when she swims is jump of the diving board.

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A Day At Camp Champ!!!!


Archery is the HARDEST. The only person good at it was Mr.Carlson, but he has been going there longer than the rest of us. (He got a bulls eye multiple times.)


We are eating dinner in the dinning hall. I think that night we had chicken, rolls, and rice.


On our last day we had a beautiful sunset with many colors. The lake is in the backround with the boathouse.


We were all sad to leave but we all missed our families at home. – Lucia O’Driscoll

I am not as afraid of heights now. – Sofie Einhorn

I would recommend the blob. Don’t be scared to jump onto it.- Eli Appl

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Spanish Camp

This year during Spanish Camp 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade made signs for the trees. Here are a few trees that we named.


The tree above is Big V. He is a Live Oak. Live Oaks can live past 500 years old. They are home to many creatures, including spiders and ants.


This tree is Bob the Carrousel. He is a Pecan tree. Pecans trees can live past 300 years. Pecans are native to all of the  south-east of the United States.

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Reading Biographies



A biography is when the author tells the story of a person’s life.


In fifth grade we are reading biographies, then we are creating timelines about what we read.


We are working in our notebooks and using good reading strategies.

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Fifth Grade Studies


In this picture the fifth grade is studying writing.  We are turning big watermelon stories into medium slice stories and then finishing it off with turning them in to little seed stories.


Science is one of fifth grades favorite subjects in school because we do experiments almost every day. In this photo we are working on density, the amount of matter in a given space.

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