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Art in 5th grade


In 5th grade art, 5th grade is drawing, tracing, and then painting eyes. Most people are already painting theirs, but some people are a little behind. After you are done painting water colors you use puff paint to make dots.

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Archery at Camp Champions


At Camp Champions there is an awesome archery range. You went with your group leader to the range and waited for your turn. There were three different types of bows you could use, two types were for right handed people and one type were for the left handed. It was hard for most people.  Only one person hit the yellow (the two inner rings), but it was on the WRONG target!

The group leaders made sure that the range was very safe. You could not get your arrows until your group leader said so, and you could not get close to the people that were shooting if it was not your turn.  If you dropped a arrow you had to wait for your group leader to get the arrow for you.


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Interview with Mr. Carrillo

Travis Heights has a new 5th grade dual language teacher,  Mr. Carrillo. He wanted to teach at this school because it was closer to his home and because we are dedicated to having a successful dual language program. Also he came and met the 4th graders (now 5th graders) and really liked us. He has a degree in Applied Learning and Development (Bilingual Education) from UT. His birthday is November 26th, 1988. His favorite place to travel is New York City. He has a big fluffy cat named Igor. His favorite part about teaching is seeing the students excited when they learn something new or achieved a goal the set for themselves. His favorite book is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and he has three siblings, two younger sisters and one younger brother. Lastly, his favorite joke is: What did the Mexican milk say to his new friend?…¡Hola! Soy Milk.   


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4th grade is reading Wonder,by R. J. Palacio, in class. We are reading Wonder to learn about kindness and empathy. The book is about a boy who has a face deformation and is going to school for the first time. In the beginning when he first went he had fun but then something happens and he does not like it any more. We will do a PBL (project- based learning) on the book. It  is told from 5 different points of view. I can’t wait to know what happens next!

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Science Fair


On Jan, 19 Travis Heights had their annual science fair. Last year it was required for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.   This year it was optional.

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Art in 4th grade


In art 4th grade we are making clay tiles, so far most kids are glazing their tiles. Everyone has different creative ideas.  Some people are done with both tiles. When some tiles fired some broke, but most people could fix them.

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Native American PBL

4th grade is doing a PBL(project based leaning) on native Americans. As a class ,we are learning about different tribes. So far we have learned about 4 tribes Coahuiltecan, Comanche, Caddo and Apache.  We learned were they lived, what they eat, and what they used for transportation.


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The Lightning Thief


4th grade is reading the Lightning Thief. After they read it they will watch the movie. Some people read it in Spanish. We learned about Greek Mythology while reading it, including about the Greek gods and monsters.


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4th Grade PBL

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4th grade did a PBL First they learned what civic affairs meant.  Then they looked up about their person. Then they did a 2D body map. At the end they wrote their favorite part and least favorite part, what their teacher could change about it, and much more!

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