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It’s bright, colorful, and fun!

On March 10th there was a wild, crazy Spirit Day at Travis Heights Elementary. On that day, kids grades Kinder to 5th celebrated by wearing crazy neon outfits. Everywhere you looked there were hundreds of kids in bright, exuberant colors. Student council organized this event and many others. Three cheers for Mrs. Robertson for this amazing day and many others!

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Cultural Festival

Have you ever traveled out of the country? Whether you have or haven’t the cultural festival is an engaging and exciting experience for everyone. When walking from booth to booth you feel as if you are traveling internationally. While all of these exciting events bustle through the hallways amazing events are happening in the cafeteria. From Ballet Folklorico to Karate practically everything you can name happened at the cultural festival. Thank you so much everybody that helped coordinate it.  

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AGF : Ava Goes Flying – A new reality TV show

North America, United States, Texas, Camp Champions, The Glob. Camera at the ready, flying in 3..2..1..  Boom!

Ava Goes Flying

On a sunny day at Camp Champions tens of kids lined up for one lakeside activity, The Glob. The camera is trained on one person in particular, Ava Borich


She prepared to be Globbed and Mina jumps, Poof! into the air she goes.

Round two: Jordan Globs Ava

You may be asking what a Glob is, well a glob is a water activity that involves a huge air filled sack resting on water.

One person gets on the end furthest from the dock and the other person jumps on. If the person that jumps weighs more than the other person than the one being globbed flies into the air and falls down to the water.



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Square 1 Art


For the past 18 years, Ms. Isoline has been the art teacher at Travis Heights Elementary School. In all of those years, the first project of the year has been Square 1 Art. Square 1 Art is a project where students get a theme to draw. The themes change every year so that students will not repeat ideas. Once they are finished drawing, Ms. Isoline sends all of the artwork in to the company Square 1 Art. Then, parents get to order items with their students’ artwork on them, such as mugs, pillowcases, sketchbooks, or even flags.  This year, fifth grade students drew mythical beasts. This opens up to fairies, Egyptian gods or goddess, or even a mythical phoenix. Be sure to order items with your student’s artwork on them as soon as the forms come out in Wednesday folders.

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Tiny Houses

In Fourth Grade we are working on a projects called tiny houses. It focuses on area and perimeter. We have to design it, make a draft, and make a 3 dimensional version. Then we work on landscaping. Mine has a treehouse, a zipline, a hot tub, and a rope ladder. After you are done drawing it, then you color it. For the area and perimeter part we had to measure each piece of furniture. This was a very fun and interesting project.

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4th and 5th Grade Recorder Recital

Ms. King has taught 4th and 5th grade how to play quite a few songs on recorder, such as “Au Claire De La Lune”, “Hot Cross Buns” and many more songs. Special thanks to her for this amazing recorder performance, and to the kids who came to make it possible

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4th Grade: Social Studies PBL

In 4th grade we are doing a PBL (project based learning) on the first Texas missions such as the Alamo, San Juan, and Mission Concepcion.  Did you know that the Battle of the Alamo was 100 years after the Alamo was even built?

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4th Grade Math

In 4th grade we are working on decomposing fractions. Decomposing fractions are reducing them to the simplest form such as make 4/12 into 1/3. We are also doing a lot of GoMath!  We are trying to hit 30 Think Through Math lessons. Think Through Math is an online math                                     program.

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Family, Fun and Fitness

At Family Fun and Fitness we did many fun activities like Tug-a-war and the sack race and much much more. There were many things to do and it was an amazing day. It was a great day to socialize and be athletic.

A big Appreciation Pump for Ms. Collins for this wonderful day!

img_0014 img_0019 img_0007 img_0009

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Science And Reading

In science we have two teachers from UT, Ms. Einhorn and Ms. Quan. Last week we did testing if things would dissolve in water and stuff about mixtures.



In reading we are doing the Lightning Thief, the first book in the Percy Jackson And The Olympians seriesimg_0034


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4th Grade Math And PBL

Fourth grade is working on decimal addition and subtraction. We are also doing a 2d body map of individuals who participated in civic affairs. Down below are pictures of Ms. Sircy’s class working on math and Ms. Alvarez’s class working on the PBL.

img_0007 img_0015 img_0014 img_0011img_0006

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