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5th grade’s classpet

In fifth grade Mr. Bustillos’s class got a new class pet, or should I say pets. This fifth grade classroom got meal worms. The pet may sound uncommon, may sound weird, but we got them at the perfect time. We got them the very week that we were learning about metamorphosis. As we started learning about complete and incomplete metamorphosis the meal worms started going through metamorphosis. We watched the meal worms turn into pupa and then into beetles.

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The Girls Cabin At Camp Champions

On November 1-3 the fifth graders at Travis Heights Elementary school went to Camp champions. Everyone had a great time. Even though the girls cabin had no air conditioning and no glass windows, everyone slept well. The girls cabin at Camp Champions had screened in windows and no air conditioning. It also had flies, but the teachers made our experience wonderful even if the cabins had lots of problems.

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Fourth Grade Art

Fourth grade is working on a winter landscape in art.  Each class is making a variation on it. First fourth grade paints a stormy sky, then we draw and cut out a spooky tree.  Later we will draw mythical creatures and paste them onto our stormy background.

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Fourth Grade Music

In fourth grade music we are learning how to play the  recorders. We have learned “Hot Cross Buns”, “Au Clair De La Lune”, and “Merrily we Roll-a-Long.”

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vote PBL


Fourth grade is working on a PBL project (project based learning) to convince people to vote. We are using a television set in the computer lab. We are actually using real equipment to video each other.

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