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Young Writers Workshop in 2018

Young writers workshop has recently occurred in the Travis Heights community. It is an event where experienced writers join us to help us embrace our imaginations and write. This is the 21st year that Travis Heights has hosted this event

As we exited the gym doors from the presentation, some fellow community members shared their opinion about the event. Annabelle Davis said, “I especially liked the minnow tank workshop because it helped me think outside the box.” Charlotte Gerlach added, “I went to 2 workshops and they were probably the most fun ones I have ever gone to.”

Every year 5th grade gets 1st choice because this is their last year attending it. If you haven’t attended Young Writers Workshop, you should because it is a really interesting event.

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An interview with the librarian, Ms. Underwood

It’s fun to get to know one another better, so the I decided to interview our school librarian, Ms. Underwood. And since she’s the librarian of course I asked her what she thought about her job. She answered, “I’ve been the Librarian here at THES for 13 years and I love being your Librarian!”

I also wanted to get her opinion on teaching students on books. She was very excited when she answered, “I think reading is a very special thing. It’s a free vacation and wonderful journey to other times and places. My heart dances when watching kids become super readers because I know they’ll always have that gift.  I’m proud to be a part of that!”

 Our librarian works in the library and manages it, I asked her what she thought about managing a library. She said, “It is a juggling act for sure!  I want to help every teacher and every kid find books they’ll love, teach, read, organize, inventory, repair, etc.  I am very lucky to have a few wonderful parents who stop by to shelve an armful of books when they have extra minutes or library friends that help inventory every year!  Without them, I’d go crazy!”

Because we aren’t all rich, I asked her how would she change the library if she could. She said,”The library, the book collection, and what I teach is always growing and changing. Much like the solar eclipse we just had, we don’t notice changes in the library until they’re drastic and well-publicized.”

I also decided it would be fun to ask her some bonus questions. First I asked her what her favorite book or series was. It was an obvious answer but she said, “My list of favorite books is totally bonkers, and I think I could spend a day just listing all of them.  To shorten things up, I must confess:  I will always love Harry Potter books!” It’s also still a pretty new year, I decided to ask her what she was looking forward to in the 2017-18 school year. She said, “I’m looking forward to getting to know all of our new teachers, learning to play the ukulele, reading all of the new award nominees, and going on some travel adventures with my family!” I hope everyone including Ms. Underwood is excited for what this year has to come! 

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Interview With a Student Teacher

Interviewing Ms. Medina, a student teacher


  1. Who/What inspired you to be a teacher?  “My cousin inspired me, I had him as a teacher in 1st grade. It interested me how he teached everyone.”
  2. Why did you want to become a teacher? “I was a teacher for tutoring, and I liked the point of helping people learn. So know I’m a student teacher, and hope to be a teacher soon.”
  3. Do you like your job so far? “Yes I love my job! It’s fun to teach kids!”
  4. What is your favorite subject to teach? “My favorite subject to teach is Math, and My second most favorite subject to teach is Reading.”
  5. Does it make you scared to teach in front of kids? “No, but at first I was worried because if they didn’t pay attention they wouldn’t learn.”
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What does Photojournalism do?

Here we have Roisin working on a post for the Photo Journalism team. We work in a room where we can concentrate, it’s very quiet. We usually work at lunchtime on Thursdays . The post Roisin is working on is called “Fourth Grade Music”.

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Going On A Nature Walk!


We had this awesome view when we went on a nature walk around the block of the school.

We went on a nature walk for science because we were learning about plants, and that’s how we started our unit!

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Recent things at school



Archery was fun at Family Fun & Fitness with our friends. It was awesome because I hit the middle. -Riosin O’driscoll


We were doing a Native American Indian test after reading a book called Squanto.  Squanto was a very courageous Native American that helped the Pilgrims live.


Third graders where doing Market Day learning about money. The fact that I got to go back was awesome. It reminded me of memories in 3rd grade.


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Things at school


Wyatt jumping off the wall, VANS off the wall.


Some of the earliest things in the school year, we wrote what we want to improve on and what we are good on. I wrote that I want to be a mathematecian.


Beautiful Nature Calming Nature ;]. Walking to the Track.

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