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Wednesday Folder – September 14, 2016

Free Tacos & Coffee This Saturday!!

Come by the school Saturday morning to get your free breakfast tacos and Starbucks coffee and start your morning right!

And maybe, just perhaps, after indulging, you may feel the urge to pull some weeds, or rake some leaves, or, I don’t know… pick up some garbage. (Who can predict what you will be inspired to do)

And if you do decide to do these things, then you will be officially participating in Beautification Day 2016! Yay you!

We’ll be at school from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Bring kids, friends, your neighbor … anyone who wants to come help out. All welcome!!

Oh and if you bring tools – label them with your name so you can be sure to leave with them. 🙂

Volunteer Training

Looking to get involved at THES? Want to help in your child’s classroom or chaperone a field trip? Awesome! Your next step is to attend a Volunteer Training (required every 2 years).

The next Volunteer training dates are:

  • Thursday, Sept. 15th, 6pm
  • Tuesday, Sept. 20th, 8am
  • Tuesday, Sept. 27th, 1:30pm


Did you know that you can have lunch with your child every Wednesday and Friday? It’s true and has been a respected tradition at THES for a few years now.

Here’s the deal:
1. Enter by pressing the buzzer at the front door.
2. Check in with the office first. You MUST receive a ‘Visitor” badge.
3. Meet your child in the cafeteria and find out where his/her class will be after lunch.
4. Sit with your child at the lunch table or head to the picnic tables outside. Other options, bring a picnic blanket and book and sit outside on the grass under a shady tree. Read, play cards, and make sure your child eats : )
5. Pick up your cafeteria tray/lunch items and any waste that may have dropped around your eating area and throw it away in the cafeteria.
6. Drop your child off with his/her class and check out as a ‘visitor’ with the office.


p.s., Remember, this is time for you and your child only (no other children can join you : )

This week’s folder items:









Upcoming Events

Nothing from June 19, 2024 to July 3, 2024.

Do you have information or an event to submit to THES’s Wednesday Folder? Please visit our Folder FAQ page for submission requirements and guidelines.

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While our goal is to move most communications to digital methods some documents need to be delivered in hard copies so please continue to check your paper Wednesday Folder every week, sign and return it on Thursday.

Thank you!