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Film kids

Have you ever heard of the prime time class “Film Kids”? Film kids is a prime time class where you make short movies and clips. I am part of film kids and on the 27th of November we had a showing of all the movies we made in the library.

A list of movies we did this year is:

  • Paper Plane Attack on Noah
  • Paper Attack on Millie
  • Meet the Filmmakers
  • Rainbow in a Jar
  • The Ball and
  • The Tale of Two runners

My personal favorite is the “Tale of two Runners”. It’s about two students who dress up as villains and and run around the school causing mischief. The movie is also silent and in black and white.

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Pottery pumpkins

In October 2017, Cafe Monet had a festival or party where we got to paint little clay pumpkins. It was really fun. They gave you little clay pumpkins and you would sit at a table and they would give you paint and brushes. There was a snack table with donut hole spiders and fruit. There were not very many people there, though.

There were a lot of different designs. I made an orange pumpkin with swirly black designs. My brother made one and it was orange. Someone even made a blue one.

At the end, they did a drawing. At the beginning, they pass out little raffle tickets. Then, at the end, they said random numbers and if the number is on your little card, you got a raffle prize.

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