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Tech Crew

Lights, camera, action! The new tech crew has arrived! Every year at our school we welcome a new bunch of fifth graders to the esteemed Tech Crew. On the Tech Crew we have lots of job options to choose from. Here’s an example of a few of them: stage manager, floor manager, lights, dmx, best boy, main audio, camera, directors assistant, and voice. Our director, Mr. Hawes, is also the computer lab teacher. He teaches the new students the ways of the stage.

This year, the Tech Crew is made of 12 amazing fifth graders; Sabine, Isabelle, Lilah, Vi, Brandon, William, Nicholas, Tamarien, Mily, Lily, Robert, and Ashley. These students work hard to make sure our assembly’s run smoothly and beautiful. On Wednesdays, the tech crew meets to discuss their game plan and practices the show. (The T.H.E.S band practices at the end of the day.) On Fridays, the assemblies happen!.

To any fourth graders or future fourth graders out there, join the tech crew. It’s a blast and you will get lots of new experiences to use in the future!