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Travis Heights Elementary School > ThunderNews Student Blog > 2019-2020 > The Big Fourth Grade Dual Language Class

The Big Fourth Grade Dual Language Class

Do you know why the 4th grade dual language class is so big? It’s because this year,  there are only enough fourth grade students for three classes. Since there are fewer DL students than the non-DL, the two DL classes were combined in to one this year.

Ms.Alvarez-Simms is the teacher of the fourth grade dual language class. I interviewed her and she said that one advantage of having a bigger class is that there is more diversity for groups. She also said that some disadvantages are that there is not much classroom space, the voice level is hard to control and that it is hard for everyone to get a turn. She said that everything is going great and that she is lucky to have such strong students

I also interviewed four of the students in the fourth grade dual language class. Most of them said that a disadvantage is that it is really loud . One of them said that people take things more seriously, which creates more drama. They all agreed that an advantage is that they have almost all of their friends in their class. One of them said it is good that there are more people for games. I hope that explained it.