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News from Special Areas — March

Practicing volleyball skills
Learning about the effects of stress and how to manage and relieve stress
Learning and practicing soccer skills and striking skills

K – finishing Van Gogh paper sunflowers
1st – beginning clay bunny with glasses
2nd – continuing 3D paper flower
3rd – starting inspirational watercolor landscape
4th – continuing hot air balloon perspective painting
5th – starting paper 3D masks

K/1st – practicing beat vs. rhythm, prepping for the PTA program in April
2nd – learning rhythmic dictation, playing Orff instruments
3rd – continuing Music Memory, reading/writing notes on the treble clef staff
4th – continuing Music Memory, learning a new song on the recorder with a new note (D)
5th – continuing Music Memory, learning the final song on the recorder (Ode to Joy) for the “black belt”

All – celebrating Dr. Suess’s birthday
Younger grades – reading about Spring
Upper grades – learning the Dewey Decimal System and book location skills
K-1st – reading books about gifted African Americans (Louis Armstrong, David Drake)
2nd-5th – reading books where the main characters display a growth mindset