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After School Fun

One of the extra-curricular activities that we have here at Travis Heights is prime time. Prime time is a variety of after school activities that kids can participate in, from grades K – 5 and most run from 3:15 to 4:15. Many of the prime times are run by school teachers and it is cool to have a perspective of the teachers outside of school.

I enjoy the active prime times because I get good after school physical activity while having fun. One of the prime times I go to our Class to 5k run by Luz Alvarez . Class to 5k is a running club after school where we do different exercises and drills to help train for a 5k. We train for the Jingle Bell Run 5k in December, the first season of prime time and 5k. For the second season we run the Ash Dash Bunny Run in celebration of Easter. Class to 5k is really fun and I advise it for your next prime time pick

The second active prime time class I participate in is called Ultimate Frisbee run by Denison. It is an exciting prime time where we do many fun and different frisbee drills that focus on throwing, catching, and making cuts. I’ve seen a lot of new faces come and go since third grade when I started. All semester we train for a tournament which is five hours long and we compete against different schools. I also advise you to take this fun and active prime time class for next year. I hope you enjoyed my advice and hope I see you soon in one of those prime times.

This is a mural students created during one of our Prime Time classes!

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