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The Tamalada

There was a Tamalada on December 6th from 3-6 pm and it took place in the Travis Heights cafeteria.. The Tamalada is when parents, teachers, and some kids help make tamales. When parents help and they have their kids with them, college students are there to help.  The kids can play games, have snacks, color, and make crafts.  Some people donate food such as meat, beans, and masa or they donate money.The tamales are made for the Cultural Fest and they sell them as a fundraiser for the school. Lots of people help to make this work and to raise money.

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Name Tags from Camp Champions

5th grade was at Camp Champions November 1-3, and we got name tags. The tags were necklaces with a piece of wood. The wood was about 3 inches wide and it had our names on it. After we we finished an activity, such as history, we got a bead to put on the tag.  We had the necklaces for the counselors to know our names.  For each meal we had there we were supposed to waste less than 15 pounds. After the last meal we found out that we wasted less than 95 pounds of food throughout the whole trip and we got a bead that was a star.

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Ms. Friedman

Ms. Friedman is the photo journalism teacher at Travis Heights Elementary. She was a 5th grade and 4th grade teacher  at Travis Heights.  Then she retired and became the photo journalism teacher. What inspired her to be a teacher is she knew she wanted to be bilingual and work with children.  She wanted to teach at Travis Heights because the people seemed nice and open.  She LOVES what she does now and misses the children when school is out for the summer.


Ms. Friedman likes working with the kids in photo journalism. Her favorite kinds of food are Mexican and Italian. She loves her dogs Rafa and Diego. She has also gone whale watching and saw humpback whales. Her favorite season is spring because she likes wild flowers. Her favorite color is green.  Her B-Day is on February 28.



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Shamrock Dance

On March 3rd the Shamrock Dance was on!!!!!! The DJ at the Shamrock Dance was a fourth grade student’s dad. He played all of our favorite songs. Students from 3rd through 5th grade got to go. We did this to celebrate. St.Patrick’s Day and to raise money for a field trip to the Alamo and for other things. There was a lot of food and drinks.

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Black History Month

In class we are learning about black history. We have been reading many books about black people who want to achieve their dream and want to get out of slavery.

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Flowers for Friends

For Valentines Day we are selling flowers. We can buy the flowers for friends, family, and teachers. We are using the money from the Flowers for Friend to raise money for the school. We might buy a swing set or an aquarium.


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