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Science Fair 2019

Mrs. Penney would like to share the names of students who placed in this year’s Regional Science Fair.
Congratulations to all who participated and a special “Thank You” to Mrs. Penney.
Winners (student name, place, name of project):
Lilah O’Dair – 1st – “Homemade Hygrometer”
Brynn Mitchell – 1st – “Fruit Fly Traps”
Arabela Wert – 1st – “Mars”
Carlos Rodrgiguez – 2nd – “Venus Fly Trap”
Jonatan Funes-Chavez – 2nd – “Andromeda Galaxy”
Oswaldo Cervantes – 2nd – “Flexibility”
Scarlett Moakes – 2nd – “How Many Licks?”
Abigail Wu – 2nd – “Barton Springs Salamander”
Alexander Rodriguez – 3rd – “Hybrid Rabbit: Fuzzy Lop”