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Science Fair Recognition

We want to recognize all students who participated in our Science Fair. The level of projects has risen each year. We see a clearer understanding of the scientific process from our students’ displays. They understand a hypothesis and also what a variable is. Most projects included data and a visual representation to support their findings. Some projects included a journal where students wrote their observations, thoughts, and conclusions. All of these are important parts of a Science Fair project.

This year’s fair was highly successful and we want to thank our coordinator, Tonya Penney, the Science vertical team, and our volunteer judges. We couldn’t have been successful without your help!

Every student who completed an individual or class project were recognized.

The following classes were recognized for their grade level:

1st place – Mrs. Sutton’s class
2nd place – Ms. Rios’ class
3rd place – Mr. Bell’s class

1st place – Mrs. Penney’s class
2nd place – the combined experiment from Johnson/Billups
3rd place – Ms. Parker’s class

1st Grade:
1st place – Ms. Etzel’s class
2nd place – Ms. Tompkin’s class
3rd place – Ms. Nuncio’s class

The following students were recognized for their individual accomplishments:

Kinder Experiments:
1st place – Annabelle Davis
2nd place – Zuri Torries
3rd place – Peter Thorley

Kinder Models:
1st place – Niamh Catterall

First Grade Experiments:
1st place – Ava Borich
2nd place Roisin O’Driscoll
3rd place – Mina Hunter

First Grade Models:
1st place – Wyatt Talbot

Second Grade:
1st place – Augustin Skeith
2nd place – Claire Catterall
3rd place – Sofia Einhorn
4th place – Lucia O’Driscoll

Some of the following students will represent THES at the Austin Energy Regional Science Fair in February:

Third Grade:
1st place – Murphy Canning
2nd place – Mara McPherson
3rd place – Ava Staley
4th place – Logan Bennett
5th place – Weston Borich

Fourth Grade:
1st place – Maya Hanser-Young
2nd place – Samuel Barboza
3rd place – Lorenzo Martinez
4th place – Annika Villavencencio
5th place – Owen Brown

Fifth Grade:
1st place – Guadalupe Gonzalez-Torres
2nd place – Beckett Schmeill
3rd place – Isobel Buffin-Robbins
4th place – Kenny Sajbel
5th place – Aidan Decker
6th place – Caroline Greene