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September Newsletter

Data Review for 2013-2014

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students took the STAAR assessment last spring.  The following results are for phase in 2. TEA measurement of campus instruction is different under the STAAR.  We have 4 indices that are measured.  This year, we were measured in 3 of the 4.

Index 1 measures straight student achievement. The total number of students tested divided by the total number of tests passed. The state minimum was 50%. THES rated 78%!  Index 2  measures student progress.  This index only measures student growth from year to year.,therefore only 4th and 5th grade students are reviewed in this index.  (Also, no bilingual student was included in the rating for last year as per TEA guidelines. )

The minimum percent of growth to be rated acceptable was 55%.  THES was at 68%!  Finally, Index 3 measures closing the achievement gap.  Students classified as Economically Disadvantaged, African American, or Hispanic are measured in their growth.  If they failed a test one year but passed it the next year, the school receives 1 point.  If they pass a test and then make commended the following year we receive a point. The minimum points to be measured Acceptable this year was 55.  THES was at 66!

In fact, in Reading, Writing, and Science, THES received recognition from TEA!  Congratulations to the students and teachers for their work last year!  This year will be even better!

Safety, Safety, Safety

Travis Heights has a beautiful setting for a learning location.  The creek, the garden, and the pathways in and around our school make it a wonderful location to learn. However, it also makes it a challenge to keep everyone safe!  Every student understands they are here to Learn.  They also understand they have to follow our rules to be Safe!  Our Positive Behavior Systems, PBS, help keep learning fun and students safe. Parents play a big role in these as well and also have guidelines to follow.  Please adhere to the guidelines below in order to keep everyone learning and safe.

  • If you arrive at before 7:30 – your child goes to the cafeteria or the gym.
  • Please do not park in the front as it blocks traffic.
  • PK-2nd grade students may be walked to class if you arrive after 7:30.
  • If you are in class or hallways at 7:46 – please say the pledge with us.
  • During Friday assembly, please take conversations outside.
  • Parents are invited to eat with their child on Weds. and Friday.  We do not have space for friends at lunch this year.  It’s a special time for you and your child.
  • At dismissal, if you are a driver and you don’t see your child in line, please make the block.
  • Please save any conversation with your child’s teacher until after 3:00 p.m. The teachers are monitoring our students.
  • Display your car tag clearly.
  • If you pick up your child, please monitor them as you visit with your neighbors.

Thank you for adhering to these guidelines.  They will help keep us all safe and learning.

Attendance Partner

Attendance is a goal for our campus this year! We hope to break our 95% average from the past decade and burst into the 97% range.  We have an new partner Synergy who is helping us with this goal!  Every student is given a football – Never Been Late, or a basketball – Never Been Absent!  (NFL/NBA)  Every time a student is absent or has 3 tardies, their ball is removed.  The students with their football or basketball on the board at the end of the 9 week period will participate in a Bingo Game!  Some will win prizes, all will have fun!  So bring your children daily and be on time!  We appreciate Synergy’s partnership in our school!

NUT Limited Campus

THES has many students with food allergens.  While we cannot have a nut-free campus, we can have a nut limited one. We have worked with our parents to create a safe plan for our students who have life-threatening allergies to nut and dairy products. Certain grades are nut-free. iIn those grades, a student has a life-threatening nut / dairy allergy.  This year, PK, 1st and 4th are nut-free. If you are a parent in these grades,  you will receive  a list of acceptable snacks for the day and for our school celebrations.  Please support our students by adhering to these guidelines.