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January/February News


Congrats to all our third graders. They did a fantastic job staying focused on their MOY!

Math—In Math, we will be finishing up lessons on fractions, including equivalent fractions.  Then we will move on to Geometry and Measurement – telling time, describing and classifying two- and three-dimensional figures, and measuring perimeter.

Science—We will study the layers of the Earth – the crust, the mantle, inner and outer core.  We will also discuss forces that cause rapid changes to the Earth’s surface such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, and floods.

Language Arts–In Language Arts this month we are focusing on Poetry and Informational Text.  You can help your child by reading poems together and talking about what they think the author means.  Specially pay attention to figurative language, such as alliteration, similes, metaphors, and idioms.  To practice reading Informational Text, have your child work on Achieve 3000 at home at least twice a week for 30 minutes.

Dual Language– Our students are writing beautiful stories in Dual Language to express themselves. We are enjoying original fictional stories authored and illustrated by our 3rd graders. We have really enjoyed listening to the creative writing.

Special Upcoming Events–On Feb. 14th, the 4th grade will be going on a field trip to Inner Space Caverns.  This field trip builds on the children’s understanding of how caves are formed, which is a 5th grade science skill.

Reminders–Please remember to check those Wednesday folders every week and send them back to school the next day.   Parent- Teacher Conference Day will be February 19th!  Please contact your child’s teacher to discuss his/her progress.