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Travis Heights Elementary School > Second Grade > 2017-2018 > What are we learning in Second Grade?

What are we learning in Second Grade?


Our second graders are off to a great start this year!  They are a super energetic group of kiddos and are always excited to learn new things.  It’s already been a busy year for our students as they continue to grow and learn emotionally and academically.  We all have fun while learning more and more every day!


In WRITING, students have been working on their personal narratives using the writing process as they move along in their writing piece which will be published shortly.  Our next writing project will be biographies on important historical figures who have made positive changes in the world.  Next, they will continue learning about expository texts and non- fiction text features. They will apply those skills in their animal research projects.  Students will also learn about the different types of poetry and will create their own poetry books.  They will identify Author’s Purpose and will write their own persuasive letters.


We continue to enjoy READING and learning our reading skills.  We are focusing on identifying main idea and details in an informational text.

As always, make sure to continue reading, reading, reading at home!



In MATH, students have been representing numbers in multiple ways in preparation for addition and subtraction.

Students just finished studying Matter in SCIENCE and are beginning a unit on Energy, Motion, and Magnets.

During SOCIAL STUDIES, we have been learning about different celebrations around the world. As always, we are building classroom communities where students feel safe, respected and loved while learning about the pillars of Travis Heights. We are continuously practicing being Responsible, Organized, Considerate, Kind and Scholarly! These Thunderbirds rock!