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Happy Spring!

Spring is in the air in Austin (so is all of the pollen… but I digress). The weather is beautiful and the first grade Thunderbirds are busier than ever. We recently had a Holi Celebration with the entire school which allowed us to kick off Spring and was a fun way to head into Spring Break!

Holi Celebrations!


In math, students have been learning about how to tell time. Now whenever your kid asks you what time it is (which is probably all of the time) they should be able to do it themselves! After learning about time, students moved on to learning about 2D and 3D shapes and even got the chance to make their own 3D shapes.

1st grade works hard to integrate subjects so recently the students were writing about Life Cycles in writers workshop and language arts. Integrating subjects like that is important because it shows the students how all subject matter is important and can be connected to one another. It gives the students a chance to write about authentic things that mean something to them.

In social studies, students talked about important women in history. The kids had a chance to learn about women warriors such as Frida Kahlo and Amelia Earhardt. We are now learning about goods and services and how they are related to wants and needs.

Finally, it’s PBL time in science. First grade got a special message from Mr. Paparone’s cousin who lives in England. He heard 1st grade was going on a trip to the zoo and he wanted their help doing some research. He asked them to learn about different animals and their habitats and to report their findings to him, so that he can use the information to open a zoo over in London. Students will be doing a research report using sources like books and computers to find information about the lifecycles and habitats of different organisms. Tune in for information about what we learn!

First Grade at the Zoo!

Learning about Food Webs!