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Happy September Thunderbirds,

First Grade is rocking and rolling here at Travis Heights Elementary. The beginning of the year flew by and we all of a sudden found ourselves in September! The first few weeks of school are so important. Much time was spend reviewing procedures and rules, so that students feel comfortable and more independent. There was also plenty of time to get to know each other, the school, the classroom, and your new teacher!

In math, students have been reviewing counting their numbers and working with number lines. In language arts, we are working on reviewing our letters and their sounds, and well as practicing handwriting so whoever reads our work can understand what we are trying to express. Science has been filled with experiments and students also spent time learning about scientific equipment and their uses. In social studies, students learned how rules are important and help us stay safe.


Parents, please help your teacher out and make sure your child has brought in everything that was requested at the beginning of the year. It’s very helpful for teachers to get organized and to stay organized, and you can do your part in helping them! Please send in field trip money ($35) and tech money ($5) as well as head phones and other school supplies.


Our first field trip is coming up in October. We’ll be going to the Elgin Pumpkin Patch. If you would like to volunteer contact, your teacher and make sure you have proper training and have registered with the school!


Fall conferences are also coming up in October so stay tuned and look for information.


Attached you will find a picture of some scientists doing some outside observations. You’ll also find an action shot of our first week of Breakfast in the Classroom! Yum!