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Fall Semester 2019

Fall Semester in Fifth Grade has been fantastic! We kicked off the semester with a focus on Growth Mindset. Daily practice of this skill has allowed  students to gain confidence in and outside of the classroom. Our first big event in October was our overnight trip to McKinney Roughs where we enjoyed team building and adventure together. Students gained confidence by conquering ropes courses, zip lining, and rock wall climbing. Building on our experiences at McKinney Roughs, the students participated in a drum circle to continue fostering community and collaboration.




Jumping back in time, 5th grade enjoyed a story telling performance by the author of the true story “The Children of Willesden Lane.” We kicked off our PBL with Austin Energy and a fun activity looking at electricity. Our PBL put our students in the shoes of architects and electricians.  They had to design and build a ginger bread house that could withstand a heavy wind and had an electric circuit that turned a light on in their “yard”.  We saw all different types of designs of houses and paper circuits. That wrapped up our fall semester and we look forward to our Spring semester where we will take our STAAR tests and visit the Meadows Center at Aquarena Springs.