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Travis Heights Elementary School > Fifth Grade > 2016-2017 > January-February Newsletter

January-February Newsletter

January – Beginnings of February

*The recent MOY scores revealed opportunities for RETEACH. Therefore, we will be reteaching those areas where struggling was evident. Along with that, 5th grade will continue with the curriculum.

Math: Coordinate grids and patterns in tables.

Science: Fossil Fuels, Renewable and Nonrenewable energy and how to conserve energy.

*An important note for Science, we will be adding to Science homework. Students will be responsible for vocabulary and questions reviewing past Science concepts.

Reading/Language Arts: Poetry (figurative/descriptive language, rhyme scheme, author’s purpose, structure, etc.) In Language Arts, we will finish up Persuasive Essays.

Progress Reports:

  1. Will be going out this week with the Wednesday folder.


  1. Sign up forms will be included in the Wednesday folders. Sign up for 2-3 times of availability.

Saturday School:

  1. Forms will be sent home to be filled out by parents. Fill it out and return it to the homeroom teacher. Saturday school will begin Feb. 3 – March 3 (every Saturday) from 8:30 – 11:30.