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Meals at THES

Eating FREE school breakfast + lunch benefits our school!

As we welcome our virtual and returning in-person learners to campus, it is a good opportunity to remind families that meals are free for all students this school year.  Students can enjoy free breakfast and lunch, as well as afterschool meals at participating campuses, regardless of household income and without any application or documentation.  

At AISD, we encourage all students to dine at school.  As a federally funded program, we receive reimbursement for each meal served; the more meals we serve the more funding we have to invest in the quality of our food, maintain local jobs, and support the Texas economy.

Even if a student brings food from home, they can still choose to enjoy a free meal, or select sides to accompany their sandwich.  As long as a student selects three different meal components with at least one being a fruit or vegetable (ex. banana, veggie dippers, and milk), it qualifies as a free lunch meal.  

AISD menus regularly feature chef prepared, scratch-cooked recipes made in the kitchens at each school using locally grown or produced, sustainably raised, and clean label ingredients

  • Learn more about school meals at Austin ISD.  
  • View daily menus, nutritional information, and allergens at  
  • Digital versions of the elementary printed menus are posted on the Food Service Campus Toolkit each month. 
  • We offer accommodations for documented food allergies or special diets.  Families may have their doctor complete a Request for Dietary Accommodation and submit to the school nurse.  
  • All schools offer vegetarian and/or vegan options daily.  Families may request milk alternatives, gluten free bread, and vegan accommodations by contacting their school’s café manager. 


Cafeteria Menus

Please see the link below to find out how to get the menu for each day.

AISD will provide free meals for all students through June 2022.  Meals are free for all students regardless of income, or without any application or documentation. At AISD, we encourage all students to take advantage of free school meals!


Lunch Update

Lunch Reminders: Please send your children with appropriate clothing for the weather (jackets, hats, gloves, etc.) We will continue to have lunch outside if the weather permits. We will announce otherwise that morning if we are moving to indoor lunch (same indoor plan as before).

Temperature considerations and proper clothing are as follows:

  • Below 60 degrees: jacket or long sleeves recommended
  • Below 50 degrees: coat and long pants recommended
  • Below 40 degrees: gloves and hats with long pants and coat are necessary


Temperature Guidelines:

Wind Chill Factor 35 to 38 degrees (dry weather):

  • 45 minutes of total exposure to the chill factor
  • 15 minutes inside for rewarming
  • Students must be in appropriate clothing with extremities covered

Wind Chill Factor 31 to 34 degrees (dry weather):

  • 30 minutes of total exposure to the chill factor
  • 15 minutes inside for rewarming
  • Jackets/coats must be worn at all times, extremities covered Wind Chill Factor of Below

30 degrees:

  • No outside activity


Yes, we still need LUNCH volunteers! 

Winter is here and sometimes the weather is too cold to eat outdoors. We are monitoring the weather daily and deciding whether to eat outdoors or indoors every morning. Indoor lunch is mostly held in each classroom with the exception of PK, Kinder, and two 1st grade classes. 

Whether lunch is held indoors or outdoors, we are still in need of lunch monitor volunteers! If you are interested, please follow the process for becoming an authorized Travis Heights Elementary Volunteer by following this link before completing this form for lunch monitoring


Healthy Snacks Only

We will continue to encourage our students to eat healthy at school. Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (FMNV) will not be allowed for snacks during the day. This includes candy, soda, and chips. We will share healthy snack options with families and students. Please privately remind students and remind families of our snack expectations.  If they bring a snack that is an FMNV. A quick and healthy option readily available are the fruit options provided with our BIC. We will continue to inform and share ideas with our families.