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Thursday Thunderword 1/13/2022


In celebration of MLK Day, no school for staff or students this Monday, Jan. 17th.  



Have an announcement or other great news to share? Please submit your info to the school the week prior to when you’d like to see it in this newsletter.

PTA News – January PTA Meeting

Welcome to 2022 y’all!  So far, so …. well . I know recent events are really a kick in the teeth, but let’s try to stay strong and focus on staying safe.

We had hoped to have our first in-person PTA Meeting and performance at the end of January, but have just decided to hold off.  No need to risk anyone’s safety at this point.  We will be holding a virtual PTA Meeting on Thursday, January 27th at 6pm.  The Zoom link will be distributed by Class Dojo that week. 

As we all know, Omicron is running rampant throughout the city, including our schools.  Let’s all do our part to be safe and reduce the risks to all of Thunderbirds, including staff.  Be sure your kiddo has a good mask every day and keep washing those hands and covering those coughs and sneezes.  If you haven’t already, please get yourself and your kids vaccinated and boosted.  AISD is offering plenty of opportunities.  I have also heard that the line at the Travis County Expo Center on weekends is not bad at all. 

From all of us at PTA, please stay strong and let us know if we can help.  You can reach out to me at .

Merrideth Jiles
PTA President


Shoutout to PTA

PTA has purchased a school  shirt for every student at Travis Heights. Parents expect in the next few weeks your child will bring their school t-shirt home. Remember to have your child wear their school t-shirt every Friday to show school spirit and build community among us. Thanks again PTA, Thunderbirds ROCK!


Bell Schedule & Tardies

THES Families! This is a reminder that school starts and the tardy bell rings at 7:40am. Staff will be on duty at each grade level door for students being dropped off until 7:40am. Any student who arrives after 7:41 am will be marked as tardy. Thank you for getting your students here on time so they can get the absolute most out of each and every instructional day!


Attendance Matters!

To receive the maximum benefit from classroom and instructional participation it is important that your child report to school on time each day. The Attendance Matters Webinar has been created by the district to help parents understand the importance of regular attendance. Thank you for taking the time to invest in your child’s success!

School doors open at 7:10 am
School begins promptly at 7:40
Students arriving after 7:41 am will be counted tardy.
PK: 7:40 am – 3:10 pm
K-5th: 7:40 am – 3:10 pm
Office Hours: 7:15 am – 4:00 pm

Please call the school if your child will be absent from school (512) 414-4495.



COVID Updates

See our website at here to find the most recent COVID-related information: COVID Updates.


Lunch Update

Lunch Reminders:  Families to send their children with appropriate clothing for the weather. (Jackets, hats, gloves, etc.) We will continue to have lunch outside if the weather permits. We will announce otherwise that morning if we are moving to indoor lunch (same indoor plan as before).


Temperature considerations and proper clothing are as follows:

o Below 60 degrees: jacket or long sleeves recommended
o Below 50 degrees: coat and long pants recommended
o Below 40 degrees: gloves and hats with long pants and coat are necessary


Temperature Guidelines

Wind Chill Factor 35 to 38 degrees (dry weather):
45 minutes of total exposure to the chill factor
15 minutes inside for re‐warming
Students must be in appropriate clothing with extremities covered

Wind Chill Factor 31 to 34 degrees (dry weather):
30 minutes of total exposure to the chill factor
15 minutes inside for re‐warming
Jackets/coats must be worn at all times, extremities covered Wind Chill Factor of Below

30 degrees:
No outside activity


Lunch during this season- Yes, we still need volunteers! 

Winter is here and sometimes the weather is too cold to eat outdoors. We are monitoring the weather daily and deciding whether to eat outdoors or indoors every morning.  

Indoor lunch is mostly held in each classroom with the exception of PK, Kinder, and two 1st grade classes. 

Whether lunch is held indoors or outdoors, we are still in need of lunch monitor volunteers! If you are interested, please follow the process for becoming an authorized Travis Heights Elementary Volunteer by following this link before completing this form for lunch monitoring  Our Assistant Principal Samantha Barrett will contact you to coordinate scheduling.  Thank you!! 


Cafeteria Menus

Please see the link below to find out how to get the meal menu for each day.

AISD will provide free meals for all students through June 2022.  Meals are free for all students regardless of income, or without any application or documentation. At AISD, we encourage all students to take advantage of free school meals!



Healthy Snacks Only

We will continue to encourage our students to eat healthy at school.

Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value will not be allowed for snacks during the day. This includes candy, soda, and chips. We will share healthy snack options with families and students. Please privately remind students and remind families of our snack expectations if they bring a snack that is an FMNV.

A quick and healthy option readily available are the fruit options provided with our BIC. We will continue to inform and share ideas with our families.


Introducing THES Little Free Library 

Another wonderful Eagle Scout project and gift for the Travis Heights Elementary community- look for the THES Little Free Library by our school entrance doors! 

How does it work? It functions on the honor system. Anyone may take a book or share a book. You do not need to share a book in order to take one. If you take a book or two from our little library, try to bring some to share so that we keep it stocked. 

It would be wonderful to share books in languages that represent our community! 

Happy reading! 


Woo Hoo!  We Have a Winner in Our Midst!

Congratulations to 5th Grade Thunderbird Clementine Davis who won the City of Austin Trail of Lights Writing Contest!!  Way to go Clementine.  We are all so proud of you.


Prospective Parent Tours

Travis Heights Elementary is a proud community supported In-District Charter School. Our current families are the best way to share great news about our school. We have exciting events coming up that we would love for you to invite your friends, neighbors, or coworkers to attend and learn more about THES. No RSVP is needed to attend any of these events. Prospective parents should bring a photo ID and are welcome to bring their child.

January 14: Tour at 8:30 am
January 18: Tour only at 5:00 pm


Travis Heights Heights Elementary Official Facebook Page!Facebook-donate

Check here for the latest updates and parent resources.


KUDOS – Great Job!

Our Aghan Family Welcome event that took place on December 14th was a huge success! Families joined us for an enjoyable afternoon that included introductions of school staff, refreshments including AISD Food Services samples, community and district connections, gift bags, and a raffle. Special thanks to Faith Boyer and Sura Jasim for organizing such a wonderful event! Thank you to Gloria Cano, Kent Hawes, Will Myers, Maribeth Armintor, Lisa Etzel, Shayla Bright, and Sarah Osborn for your support during the event!


THES Chicken Coop Reimagined

The Coop has been a part of the THES landscape since 2014. Originally a Girl Scout project, the Coop became a featured learning space where our students were able to study the life cycle of animals and cultivate nurturing skills. Unfortunately, the years have taken their toll, and the beloved Coop is no longer safe for students or chickens. 

But we have a plan to reinvigorate the space! Our youngest Thunderbirds (PreK and K students) need an area to foster holistic and authentic learning. This could be a space where we read, paint, draw, write, engage in dramatic play, garden, create stories, and create memories. We would like this to be a place where our earliest learners at THES participate in extensions of our learning targets while making meaningful connections to the real world. 

To make this happen, we need your help! Please fill out the Google form linked to let us know how you can help us make this a reality. We have a clear vision of what this space will look like and of the exact supplies we need. We also need people knowledgeable in small structure demolition, people with trucks, people with trailers, people with gardening skills. Do you have any connections to donated dirt, plants, rubber mulch? We also need financial donations. 

Phase One Complete!

The first phase of creating an outdoor learning space for our PK-K Thunderbirds has taken place! Special thanks to Amanda Moore and Sarah Wakefield for their vision and work as they take on this exciting project! Stay tuned for the next phases!

Please sign up to help us bring new life to The Coop. This will not happen overnight! 

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Moore at or Sarah Wakefield at We will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Sign up here:


Science Festival 2022

The Austin Energy Regional Science Festival is one of Texas’ largest regional science fairs with about 3,000 students from 3rd through 12th grade. It encourages and rewards innovative student research and provides scientists, engineers and other professionals a chance to volunteer in the community. The Austin Energy Regional Science Festival serves students from Central Texas whose projects won at their schools’ science fairs. The deadline for submissions is January 27, 2022. For more information please visit

Winning Junior/Senior Division projects advance to the Texas Science and Engineering Fair. Best of Fair Senior Division projects advance directly to the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.


Shout out to your Travis Heights Team!      

Did one of our own deliver for YOU?

Teacher and Employee well-being is essential to our overall success as a school. The benefits of expressing gratitude and recognizing staff are limitless. Please join us in prioritizing our RAVE Employee Recognition program! 


What is a RAVE? 

The RAVE (Recognizing All Valuable Employees) program helps us honor our AISD team who take the extra steps to provide equitable and exceptional experiences for our students, families, staff, and community members. 

Submit a digital Rave online ! The District shares all positive Rave submissions with each employee and their Principal or Supervisor. 

Please spread the word about Raves with your community.


Up & Coming

14 Prospective Parent Tour (8:30 am)
17 Student Holiday
18 Prospective Parent Tour (5:30 pm)
25 Class Photos

For holidays and district-wide events you can view the AISD calendar here: