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Cultural Festival 2020-2021

History & Plan

The Cultural Festival is a fun annual Travis Heights tradition that celebrates the diversity at our school. This is a tradition that we have had at our campus for decades (born in 1993 as the Tamalada), and this year will be no different…  Well, just a little different.

Our collective culture is virtual today, so our Cultural Festival will join that platform.  We are excited to invite you to host a “Virtual Cultural Table” about YOUR family’s culture! We would love to have ALL the cultures in our school represented.

You may submit a photo, document or video (no longer than 2 or 3 min). This is open to your creativity and sharing things about your family and culture that you love (special clothing, traditions, recipes, other). The final product will be a compilation of submissions and will be published for our families to enjoy.

Here are some ideas of what you can say or write or draw:

My name is _______.

I speak ________. 

This is how we say  ________ in __________.


 My name is _______.

One of my family’s traditions is ___________


My name is _______.

I am ________. 

This is how ________.



If possible, name your media with your child’s grade level first, followed by their last name.  (A video from Juanita Haros in Mr. Paparone’s class should look like this:  1_Haros_mexicanfood.mp4, and a photo from a 5th grader might look like this:  5_Schmidt_Germanfood.jpg)

If you submit a video, content should be in the form of a video file: .mov, .mp4, etc.

Please submit to all media to this folder in google. (You will need a google account to be able to put things here.  Each child’s portal allows access OR you can use your own google sign-in.)

We can’t wait to see what you send us!!

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