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Appreciation Pump!

Let’s give a big Appreciation Pump to everyone who worked on the Cultural Festival and Tamalada in December! The Cultural Festival was organized by Jen Barrera and featured a fabulous Mercado and cultural tables representing Mexico, Iraq, Afghanistan, Taiwan, England, Sweden, and Brazil! Big thanks to our Mercado vendors and table hosts, to Mrs. King and the THES Choir for their performance, to the Kung Fu performers, to Jason Molin for emceeing.

Big thanks to the 35+ people who showed up to make tamales under the guidance of parents Gabi Rivera and Carmen Clavel, with huge help from the cafeteria staff and donations from El Milagro, HEB, Guero’s, and Polvo’s. We also had volunteers from Travis High School help with child care and wrapping tamales. We sold around 800 tamales at the Cultural Festival and gave the extras to teachers and staff!

Please be a part of these great school traditions next December!