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THES Parent Info & Survey Regarding Implementation of Universal Breakfast

We would like to share one of two possible changes to our school schedule next year. We are asking for your feedback along with your recommendations or comments. These will be combined with staff feedback and presented to Thunderboard for consideration for next year.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated as we undergo this decision-making process. We want the impact of these decisions to be positive for student learning, staff professional needs, and family time!


This survey will close on May 12, 2017.

Universal Breakfast (BIC – Breakfast in Class)

Breakfast in Class has been successfully implemented at several schools in AISD, including Dawson ES and Linder ES. Each classroom would have food delivered by 7:30 daily. Every student chooses from hot and cold items for breakfast in the classroom. A video of this can be found at

Things to note:

  • It’s free for all students!
  • While offered to every student, it is optional – students can bring their own breakfast or eat at home instead
  • Tardy times don’t change – parents may still drop off children at the classrooms between 7:30-7:45
  • Students will gather in the gym and then be taken to class at 7:30 for breakfast
  • You can view the breakfast menu on the current lunch menus – it’s listed as BIC
  • BIC usually lasts around 20 minutes


  • Ensures every child is fueled for the day & ready to learn!
  • Students don’t have to rush to school before 7:30 in order to eat breakfast
  • BIC time could be used for class meetings held by the teacher and other SEL lessons to begin the day
  • Allows parents to volunteer in a new way: Parent helpers can sign up to help with this process and still have breakfast with their child.
  • Frees up some of our staff members to help with other morning duties


  • Parents wouldn’t be able to eat breakfast with students at school in the cafeteria anymore
  • Students who have food allergens would need to be addressed.