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Principal’s Newsletter – April


Getting 95% of our student population has been a challenge for THES for the past 10 years. Currently we have less than 94% of our students in school daily! When students are not in school, they cannot learn. Our staff can create wonderful learning activities every day for your child. We can celebrate their successes at our Friday assemblies. However, if your child is not in school, none of this matters. Currently every grade except 5th grade has the lowest number of days of perfect attendance in our Area.
We will continue to recognize students and classes with good attendance. If your child is sick with a fever, yes keep them home. Otherwise, send your child to school. They will learn and we will keep them safe.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is when a teacher plans lessons using a combination of face-to-face time and online program time with students. This year, Kindergarten and First grade teachers did this type of planning for their math lessons. In addition, students worked up to one hour a week in their online program on math as well as time in class learning problem solving skills. We have used a program entitled Dreambox this year and we have partnered with a consultant from Learn Forward. Using a quarterly assessment called Texas Elementary Math Inventory (TEMI) we have seen some great growth especially in First grade. We plan to continue and expand this program next year to 3rd grade.

Service Learning

Each grade level has researched a problem that they wanted to help solve. Most grade levels have completed their research and are in the process of “acting” upon their plan to help resolve the problem or at least make it better. These are the lessons in Service Learning that is a key component of our In-district Charter plan. The phrase at the front of our school, Learn, Serve, Lead is meant to remind our students and community, that we learn for a purpose. We also are members of a community therefore we must give back to the community through our service. Finally, as students serve, they become leaders. Each grade level will have a Service Learning Celebration of work displayed in the front of our school for May. Students and teachers have worked hard this year to incorporate this type of work into our weekly program.

Dual Language Program

Our Dual Language students just completed their mid-year work in writing in their second language. Our native Spanish speakers have an annual assessment called TELPAS that measures their English proficiency. We had our native English speakers also write to the prompts in Spanish. These writing samples will be used along with our oral assessments as we continue to learn content in a second language. Finally, we will have our end of year DL showcase in May. If you are a DL parent who wants to help, please let your student’s dual language teacher know.

Parent Leaders needed as PTA Officers or CAC positions

Parents are a key factor in the success of our school. Most of our parents have met or exceeded their volunteer hours that we agreed to for this year. That means that most parents have worked an average of 8 hours this year! Thank you! As we plan for next year, our 75Th Anniversary, we need parent leaders. If you are interested in being on our Campus Advisory Council or our P.T.A. Executive Board, please see Mrs. Robertson for an application. Both groups meet twice a month! We will present the slate of officers for each group on April 9th and vote on April 16th. Please consider taking on a leadership role in our school.

April Dates:

April 18- No School
April 23- STAAR Testing, 3rd and 4th Reading, 5th grade Science
April 24- Thunderboard Meeting at 4pm
April 25- Track and Field day 3rd-5th
May 1- PTA Meeting