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Kids Hack the City – Hakidemia event at THES!

Austin Hackidemia

Why is it always the grown-ups who get to shape the future, when it’s our kids who have to live there? That doesn’t make any sense at all! Lucky for Austin’s little ones (and their folks), Hackidemia has a whole different take on architecting tomorrow–and it starts with a full day of hands-on workshops on Saturday, November 16th at Travis Heights Elementary in Austin, TX.

Free for children ages 5 and up, Kids Hack the City is designed to “give kids’ imaginations a voice.” Among other offerings, participants can learn how to design video games, turn flowers and fruit into a drum machines and keyboards, extract DNA from strawberries, and create paper electronics.

While this event is free and open to the public, a (free!) ticket will be required for entry.

Reserve your spot now! 

About Hackidemia

Hackidemia is a mobile invention lab that enables future changemakers to access and create a hands-on science, technology, art, engineering and design education that will enable them to solve challenges by developing and testing creative solutions and physical artifacts.

We believe curiosity, empathy, and play can change the world.

For more information on Hackidemia and Hack the City with Kids, please visit