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Attendance Update!

Attendance is important at Travis Heights In-District Charter Elementary!  Our school goal is to increase our average daily attendance from 95% to 97% for this year. We have a new partner in this endeavor with Clint Hutson and Synergy!  Each student chose a basketball or football to display.  Balls remained on display as long as the student was in school every day and late less than 3 times.  Students watched their class charts in the main hallway and their footballs on the walls. Our average for the first 6 weeks was 96%!  Fifth grade was the leader in this endeavor with 98% average daily attendance!  They earned a field trip to Lost Pines Boy Scout Camp in Bastrop, Texas Wednesday, October 30th!  Third and fourth grade classes kept the goal in sight with 97% average daily attendance.  First grade was also close with 96%!

All of our students who kept their footballs on display joined  Synergy in celebrating their Perfect Attendance with a session of Bingo! Everyone had a blast working with their partner and then their table teams!  Thank you Mr. Hutson and Synergy! We can’t wait for our next Bingo session in December!

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