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THES Newsletter – Vol. 11:3

Beautification, Wow!

The PTA Grounds & Garden clean up day was very organized and well attended! We had a beautiful day and many working hands! Our gardens are ready for use and our grounds are cleaner! A new butterfly garden was begun on the south portion of our grounds. Keep watching as we continue to add to our outdoor learning areas! Many thanks to Ben Appl , Tonya Penney, and everyone who planned, organized and helped. Travis Heights has never looked more beautiful.

Conferences/Goal Setting

October is our time for parent conferences. Conferences allow for parents, teachers and students to set learning goals for the year and to devise a plan to achieve those goals. THES teachers will use the first full two weeks of October to meet with parents. Please get your conference scheduled and be on time for your conference. We must conference with every student’s parent/guardian. Also have your specific questions written down. Conferences will be quick and focused so your pre- preparation will help. If time runs short, leave your questions with your homeroom teacher. They will be able to respond later in the month. This year, we are working with students to develop their own goal for the year for learning. This will help students own their learning and identify their own strengths and areas to develop.

Attendance Watch!

Our goal this year is to have an average of 97% attendance daily. Currently we are at 95.6% average daily attendance. We have two exciting opportunities to kick off our attendance watch this year.

  1. Any student who has had perfect attendance through Sept. 30th will be invited to attend the Battle for the Bell , Travis H. S. football game for free with their family!
  2. Our newest partner Synergy will host the first Never Been Absent(NBA) and Never Found Late(NFL) Bingo on October 22nd! Please get your chlld on time and to school daily! Every Day Counts!


This resilient little bug sometimes keeps students out of school and can be very annoying. Included in our Wednesday Folder is some information on lice. Our goal is not to promote a business but rather inform parents. If lice is found in a classroom, a note is sent home so everyone can be watchful.

Important Dates for October


Oct. 3&4:  Student Photos
Oct. 14:  Student holiday/Parent Conferences
Oct. 17:  Travis H. S. football
Oct. 21,22:  Vision & Hearing screening
Oct. 21-25:   Used Book Fair
Oct. 25:  Fall Carnival 5-8



Lisa Robertson, Principal
Dina Mason, Asst. Principal