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The Travis Heights cafeteria is under construction!

Now, we’re not actually remodeling the building, we’re changing up how things run in the cafeteria to ensure that all students have a peaceful, social, and filling lunch!

Check out a new B. Liggy video each week that keys in on all new changes and procedures set in the cafeteria, as well as a review of expectations already rocking out in all of our Thunderbirds!

Operation: Cafeteria Rescue: “Walk and Stop”

Lets review our line procedures! We’ll follow all the rules in the cafeteria!

Operation Cafeteria Rescue: “Red Cup, Green Cup”

Time to get the cafeteria in order! B. Liggy breaks down the new cup system in the Travis Heights cafeteria.

Operation: Cafeteria Rescue: “Inside Voice”

The Travis Heights cafeteria has been infected with noise pollution due to students not using their inside voices! Check out the report! B. Liggy breaks down the expectation of voice levels in the cafeteria.