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Wednesday Folders


What is the Wednesday Folder?

Wednesday Folders are the main form of communication for the school. There are two types of Wednesday Folder:

  1. The Paper Wednesday Folder that parents receive each Wednesday with hardcopy paper communications related to their child’s classroom and/or the school. This includes class-related events/teacher-related requests, Principal Newsletters, lunch menus, School-Wide Special Events (e.g., Picture Day, Fall Carnival, Tamalada, Family Fun & Fitness Day), and school-/district-related policies and procedures. Take time to read through the papers and fill out any necessary forms. Make sure you sign the outside of the folder and return it on Thursday along with any completed forms.
  2. The Wednesday eFolder a weekly electronic newsletter with pdfs of the communications sent to subscribers via Mail Chimp every Wednesday and available on the school website.

What is the difference between Paper Wednesday Folders and Wednesday eFolders?

In our ongoing effort to reduce, reuse and recycle at Travis Heights Elementary and help you keep your paper load low at home, we are testing out a Wednesday eFolder system. Many of the paper documents that you received in your child’s Wednesday Folder will now be available on the website and through a weekly emailed newsletter.

While our goal is to move as much of our communications as possible to the online system, there will still be special forms and documents that need to be sent home in paper format so please continue to check your child’s paper Wednesday Folder, sign and return it on Thursdays.
For now, Paper Wednesday Folders will continue to operate as they currently do.

Can I opt-out of the Paper Wednesday Folder?

Not Completely. There will always be a Paper Wednesday Folder because we will always need a vehicle for special classroom specific notices, forms, and reports to be sent home. However, you can reduce the amount of paper flyers you receive if you check the box on the front of your Paper Wednesday Folder. When this box is checked, you will only receive copies of forms that need to be returned, grade level or classroom specific notices. You will be able to access electronic copies of all the other flyers in the Wednesday E-folder each week.

How Do I Submit to Wednesday Folders?

Deadline for Submissions to Wednesday Folders is each Tuesday at 5pm.

In order to submit for Wednesday Folders, your flyer must meet the Guidelines (see Guidelines listed), and be translated.

**Submissions that need translation must be submitted for translation to Please allow 1 week for translation.**

You are responsible for making your own copies to go into Wednesday Folders. The number of copies needed is listed on the door of hte PTA closet in the office. Once copies are ready, please leave them on the top shelf in the PTA closet.

Each submission will be reviewed against Wednesday Folder Guidelines to ensure appropriate for school communication (see Guidelines listed.)

Every Wednesday approved submissions will be added to the folders and website and you will receive an eFolder email via Mail Chimp, if subscribed.

What are the Wednesday Folder Guidelines?

To be included in either the Paper Wednesday or Wednesday eFolders the submission must meet the following guidelines:

  1. A school event either put on by the school or for the school (on or off campus) or hosted at the school.
  2. A School or PTA announcement.
  3. All submissions must be translated and available in Spanish and English.

Any events or announcements that fall outside these guidelines must receive approval by Administration or PTA.

Please contact PTA Communications with any questions about this process.


Submission Checklist

Make sure each submission answer the 5 Ws and 1 H.

Who: Contact name and email or phone number listed on your submission.

Where: Location of event/announcement listed

When: Date and Time of event/announcement listed

What: Description of event/announcement

Why: Is there a purpose for this event/announcement?

How: How can I use/respond/participate in this event/announcement? If you are sending out a pamphlet or form that needs to be filled out and returned:

  • Do you have directions on how to return it to school?
  • Do you have a process implemented for gathering the returned submissions? Is everyone aware of their job? (i.e. if you are depending on the teachers to collect them – have you spoken to the teachers?)
  • Do you have a way to track returned submissions? (i.e. student name, grade and teacher fields on the forms)

Required: Is your submission translated?

How to Help

Stop by the cafeteria on Wednesday morning after drop-off (7:45ish). Folder stuffers work along the east wall near the windows. The more hands, the lighter the work. No commitment necessary – just show up when you can and enjoy some great Thunderbird parent (and grandparent) chat!