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Magnet Middle School Programs

Come to the THES Library on Thursday, Jan. 8th, between 6pm-7pm to learn more about the magnet programs available for our students!

The magnet programs offer students advanced academic studies in an environment built on collegial relationships, individual growth, and intellectual rigor. Emphasis is placed on independent research, group collaboration, presentation of new learning, and the development of original designs and solutions. Computers are used as tools to access, process, and generate ideas and students have the opportunity to collaborate with engineers, authors, doctors, and other professionals. Internships, field-based experiences, and laboratory studies also are an integral component of the magnet experience. Students receive transportation to the magnet program that they attend. Students are picked up at the nearest school to their home and taken to the magnet program. Students can participate in all UIL sponsored activities, athletics, clubs, band, orchestra, and other extra-curricular activities.

Admission to magnet programs is selective and by application. Each program has its own admission application form and deadlines. Some common factors in admission include previous report card grades, nationally-normed standardized test results, an essay or letter, and teacher recommendations. Please contact the specific program for complete information and an application.

Students who are successful in magnet programs are committed to:

  • a fast paced and challenging academic program
  • an intensive, high energy day
  • learning to budget time and activities
  • cooperation and challenge from peers

THES Students will learn more about the magnet schools on October 17th at 8:00 am. at a meeting presented by counselors from each program. Parents are welcome to view this presentation, however there will also be a parent meeting in the evening on a later date.

You can view information and get the applications here:

Fulmore Middle School Kealing Middle School Ann Richards School for Girls


* The above information about the magnet program is from the AISD website: *