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Operation Thunderjoy!

Need a little extra joy and positivity these days? Here’s your chance!

Donate now to give holiday gifts to those in need!

Travis Heights Elementary is an AISD in-district charter school that works hard to offer innovative opportunities to its students, known as Thunderbirds. Travis Heights is one of the most diverse schools in the entire district with:

  • 80% of its students being people of color 
  • A predominantly low income population
  • The largest refugee population in the entire district

Each year, Operation Thunderjoy collects meaningful holiday gifts for the 50 Thunderbird families most in need. In past years, items such as clothes, shoes, large grocery gift cards, beloved toys, bikes… even necessities such as prescription glasses, beds, A/C units and extermination services were donated.

This year, the pandemic is making personalized gift requests and collection tougher, but we’re still determined to bring joy to the lives of those who need it most. We’ll make it work primarily via gift cards or products that are more universally needed.

Can You Help?

Can you — or people/companies in your network — dig deep and pitch in? We are seeking gift cards or donations in the following categories:

  • Grocery / Food / Accessible Dining
  • Big Box Store (Walmart/Target)
  • Clothing / Shoes / Outerwear
  • Hygiene Products
  • Books / Educational Toys/Games
  • Gas Cards (Shell / Chevron)
  • Cash (for more specific needs)

To truly make a difference, we’d like to collect enough to donate $300+ of gifts for each family, which means we need to collect $15,000 by mid-December.

How To Donate

Donate now!

If your family or one you know is in need of significant assistance and would like to be considered for the Thunderjoy program, contact Travis Heights Parent Support Specialist Sura Jasim at