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As a Texas public school, Travis Heights Elementary pegs student learning to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Many of our related curriculum resources can be found on the AISD website.

As an in-district charter, Travis Heights Elementary has significant flexibility in how we teach this curriculum. Education at Travis Heights is based on significant research and input from educational consultants, staff, teachers and parents.

It is built around four pillars:

Whole Child

Each student will have a well -rounded education that supports whole child development, including:

  • Becoming proficient in Social Emotional skills such as self-regulation and conflict resolution through the integration of the five SEL components throughout all learning environments.
  • Being healthy and active, with physical movement integrated into learning.
  • Learning in an environment of acceptance and kindness with positive behavioral supports.
  • Fine Arts and Library programs that teach appreciation and progressive skill development in Music, Art, and Library Sciences.

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Project-Based Learning

Students are engaged in collaborative learning that develops creative and critical thinking skills while fostering communication and reflection by:

  • Gaining skills and knowledge across multiple subjects by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge.
  • Presenting their analysis and solutions to an intended and purposeful audience.
  • Making connections between their learning, and local and global solutions.

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Blended Learning

Technology and teaching are seamlessly integrated in the classroom to support learning at all academic skill levels including:

  • Students use media and technology to collaborate with one another, and to connect to the broader community.
  • 1:1 student: technology ratio in 2nd-5th with a station rotation model in PK-1st.
  • Full-time technology instructor to provide instructional support for students, staff & teachers.

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Multicultural Education

Students will experience multiple cultures and languages to prepare them to value a diverse world and be good citizens in the global community by:

  • Offering two-way Dual Language (English/Spanish) program that works to create bilingual, bi-literate and culturally aware students.
  • Fostering a safe environment conducive to the exchange of cultural ideas, languages and values.
  • Learning to respect self and others, thus increasing appreciation of people from different backgrounds and cultures.

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